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    A Complete List Of Every Bizarre Thing Dr. Oz Does In This 39-Second Clip Of Him Grocery Shopping

    "That's $20 for crudités...and this doesn't include the tequila." —Dr. Mehmet Oz

    On April 6, former daytime television host/current Republican candidate for Senate Dr. Oz shared a 39-second video of him grocery shopping.

    Inflation is hurting American families. Under Joe Biden, gas prices are skyrocketing and food prices are rising. We must stop the reckless spending. This is outrageous! Thanks a lot, Joe.

    Twitter: @DrOz

    Dr. Oz's campaign has painted him as a man of the people, and nothing says "people" more than an incredibly normal trip to the grocery store!

    Now that election season is here, the video resurfaced — and people are pointing out how utterly bizarre it is.

    @DrOz / Via Twitter: @umichvoter

    So I'm taking it upon myself to catalogue every weird thing Dr. Oz does in this clip...for science.

    1. Right off the bat, it's strange that he's recording a video of him grocery shopping for him to tweet later. And it's even weirder that he made someone else film it!!!

    Oz in a grocery store

    2. At 0:02, Oz says, "I'm at Wegner's," which is not a real store. Wegmans and Redner's are both grocery store chains but Wegner's? I don't know her.

    Oz talking

    3. At 0:05, Oz declares, "My wife wants some vegetables for crudités." He says it as if that explains why he's filming himself in Wegner's...but I still have so many questions.

    Oz in the produce aisle

    4. At 0:08, Oz bends down to pick up one head of broccoli with his bare hands and says, "Here's a broccoli." That's a weird thing to say and a weird way to say it!!!

    Oz holding broccoli

    5. A second later, he raises the very small head of broccoli (not nearly enough for crudités) to the camera and complains, "That's 2 bucks...not the ton of broccoli there."

    Oz holding broccoli

    6. He then says, "Here's some asparagus; that's $4." And now might be a good time to remind you that crudités is made up of dip and raw vegetables — so $4 asparagus is an exceedingly bizarre selection.

    Oz holding broccoli

    7. At 0:15, Oz reaches for an enormous bag of full-size (not baby) carrots, mutters, "Yup, mm, carrots," tosses the gargantuan bag about an inch into the air, and adds it to the growing pile of produce in his arms.

    Oz picking out carrots

    8. He opines that his carrots cost "4 more dollars — that's $10 of vegetables there." At this juncture, he desperately needs a basket or cart, but forges on without.

    Oz holding various vegetables

    9. He then reaches for guacamole and says, "And then we need some *big sigh* guacamole." And that sigh in the middle there? That's super weird!

    Oz picking out the guacamole

    10. At 0:29, Oz proceeds to turn around the only container of salsa that wasn't already facing the camera, presumably so we can read the massive "FRESH SALSA" on the side — even though the viewers can see every other salsa on the shelf.

    Oz turning the carton of salsa

    11. Oz exclaims, "Six dollars?!" as if the high prices still catch him off guard every time. But the salsa costs $4.99, so he seems to have read the bruschetta price by mistake.

    price tag circled by Fresh Salsa

    12. Still stuck on the high price of salsa/bruschetta, Oz jokes, "There must be a shortage of salsa." And as someone who's taken four whole classes with the Second City, I can tell you with some certainty: That's a super weird joke.

    Oz holding a carton

    13. Dr. Oz then turns to the camera and exclaims, "Guys, that's $20 for crudités...and this doesn't include the tequila!"

    Oz holding all his groceries

    There's a lot to unpack in that one statement, so let's break it down into bite-sized chunks.

    Oz's hands holding groceries

    14. At 0:36, he brings it all home with the line "We got Joe Biden to thank for this," as if the President of the United States is responsible for the price of guacamole or Dr. Oz's inability to assemble an appetizing veggie platter.

    Oz looking at the camera disapprovingly with the words "thanks, Biden" and Obama's name crossed out before Biden's

    15. Finally, let's not forget that pretty much every grocery store sells pre-assembled veggie platters with regular ingredients in normal proportions — even Wegner's.

    In total, Dr. Oz did 15 super weird things in 39 seconds, for an average of one super weird thing every 2.6 seconds. That's gotta be some kind of weird thing record!!!

    What do you put in your veggie platters? Is $4 too much for guacamole? Does tequila belong anywhere near raw asparagus? Let me know in the comments below! 👇