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    14 Celebrity Bathroom Design "Trends" That Are Shocking, Mystifying, And Downright Flummoxing

    From Rita Ora's bedside toilet to Tyrese Gibson's all-marble bathroom (including curtains!) to Zachary Quinto's powder room with serial killer vibes, these celebs made SO MANY baffling design choices.

    In January, I watched every Architectural Digest Open Door home tour and ranked all 133 bathrooms from best to worst.

    Fifteen of those bathrooms stood out as particularly bizarre, and we need to talk about them. So, in no particular order, here are the 15 celebrity bathrooms with the weirdest design and most unsettling vibes:

    1. Hilary Duff's primary bath

    A bathroom

    2. Sienna Miller's guest house bathroom

    A bathroom

    3. Vanessa Hudgens's primary bath

    A bathroom

    4. Tyrese Gibson's primary bath

    A bathroom

    5. Tommy Hilfiger's primary bath

    A bathroom

    6. Troye Sivan's wine cellar-turned-bathroom

    Troye Sivan in his bathroom

    7. Zachary Quinto's powder room

    Zachary Quinto and his partner outside their powder room

    8. Kirsten Dunst's primary bath

    A bathroom

    9. Alessandra Ambrosio's pool house bathroom

    Alessandra Ambrosio outside her bathroom

    10. Zedd's brother's bathroom

    Zedd in his brother's bathroom

    11. Tommy Hilfiger's guest bath

    A bathroom

    12. Cara Delevingne's primary bath

    A bathroom

    13. G-Eazy's studio bath

    G-Eazy in his shower

    14. Rita Ora's literal en suite bathroom

    Rita Ora in her bathroom