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Someone Hand Me A Shovel So I Can Bury These 12 Interior Design Trends In A Cold, Dark Grave

I don't need a whimsical sign telling me to "live laugh love" — I am more than capable of laughing and loving on my own time and living by default.

If you're anything like me, you've wasted countless hours of your life watching Architectural Digest videos and HGTV shows.

Over those many hours, I've formed A LOT of opinions on which interior design trends look good — and which can eff off forever.

There's a great big world of ugly home design out there, so I made a list of the 12 most revolting trends that I never want to see again.

1. Limewash plaster walls

2. Curved plastic chairs

3. Glass furniture

4. Floating stairs

5. Generic word art/Rae Dunn products

A cupboard full of Rae Dunn products
Home decor that says home

6. DIY foam furniture

7. Bouclé

8. Man caves

A man cave with a dart board and arcade games

9. Double islands

10. Open floor plans

Kitchen and adjacent Breakfast nook and living Room
An open concept bathroom

11. Shiplap

12. All-neutral rooms

A bedroom with neutral colors

What interior design trends do you hate? I want to read your wild rants in the comments below! 👇