22 Upsetting Pictures Of Things That Absolutely Shouldn't Exist

    Toilets with heads in them, Pepto Bismol hotdogs, and couches made of eggs — oh my! 😱

    Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

    1. This interesting take on a traditional English breakfast:

    An English breakfast costume

    2. This toilet piping that truly plumbs the depths of my despair:

    A large pipe over a toilet

    3. This Kirby baby (Kirbaby?):

    Kirby baby

    4. This cake that looks just as terrifying as it does delicious:

    A cake with a face

    5. This community theater production of Urinetown:

    Chairs in front of a toilet

    6. This eggstremely upsetting couch:

    A couch made of eggs

    7. This art installation that looks like it was made by the Michelin Man:

    Clay people

    8. This house sending mixed messages:


    9. This Pepto Bismol hotdog monstrosity:

    Pepto Bismol on a hot dog

    10. This BMW toilet flusher:

    A BMW toilet flusher

    11. This unhappy meal arrangement straight out of a horror movie:

    12. This SpongeBob impersonator who wants a moment of your time to talk about your Lord and Savior, the Crabby Patty:

    A person dressed like SpongeBob

    13. This entirely too big keyboard:

    A person using a giant keyboard

    14. This building's entry(ish)way:

    An entry way with a giant step

    15. This Shrek that REALLY wants you to leave his swamp:

    A Shrek face buried in sand

    16. This statue that looks like a monster straight out of Greek mythology:

    a monster in someone's front yard

    17. This Moaning Myrtle-inspired nightmare:

    A mannequin head in a toilet

    18. This unholy creation:

    A face coming out of someone's forehead

    19. These boots were made for ice cream:

    Boots filled with ice cream

    20. This uppsetteang concoction:

    Tea in a pepper

    21. Whatever the heck Vince McMahon is doing here:

    Vince McMahon wearing a neck brace with a cowboy hat

    22. And finally, this sandwich that puts me in a VERY crabby mood:

    A crab sandwich

    H/T r/hmmm, r/ATBGE, and r/shittyfoodporn

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