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    These 24 Pictures Ruined My Entire Week, And I'll Never Be The Same

    I shouldn't have to say this, but bathroom doors shouldn't be see-through. 🚽👀

    Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

    1. These audience-friendly bathroom stall doors:

    the stall doors are transparent

    2. Your "future wife":

    future wife sculpture made of vegetable cans for sale

    3. This bunny straight out of Pet Sematary:

    wall hanging of a bloody bunny

    4. This creepy cookie jar:

    the world sitting on a star patterned couch

    5. These rat shoes:

    shoes look like rats

    6. This hotdog suffering from an identity crisis:

    hot dog split in the middle with bread inside

    7. This door to nowhere:

    door at the top of the building with no way to get to it from the outside

    8. This mannequin that I want ABSolutely nothing to do with:

    mannequin wearing a dress that looks like abs and holding a purse that is also structured like abs

    9. This grassy chair, for anyone who wishes their furniture had more bugs:

    chair made of fake grass

    10. These "anthropomorphic fruit shelf sitters" (?????):

    fruit figures sitting on a window sill that are for sale

    11. These terribly designed stairs:

    stairs leading to more stairs going in a different direction instead of a flat surface

    12. This stuffed rasta banana:

    13. This scooter that will make your fatal crash super comfy:

    sofa as the seat of a scooter

    14. This "realistic" baby doll:

    closeup of the face looking very realistic

    15. This bathroom with a VERY bad vibe:

    narrow bathroom with bright wall paint and bad lighting

    16. This motorized shopping cart:

    someone driving a shopping cart that's bigger than an SUV

    17. These homemade skates:

    boots taped onto the wheels of office chairs

    18. This absolute nightmare of a mannequin:

    mannequin has a large head with a wig

    19. This beautiful and unnecessary crocheted cracker:

    edges of a crackers have a crocheted border

    20. This claw machine with prizes so bad, they'll make you cry:

    onions are the prizes

    21. These stairs perfect for anyone with a death wish:

    stairs on the edge that have no railing

    22. This bag with a confusing and unsettling demand:

    hotmilk yourself

    23. This demonic pottery:

    vase is of a realistic satanic head with large teeth and tongue coming out

    24. And finally, the worst thing you'll ever see in your entire life:

    can of baked beans opened with a hot dog for a straw and cool whip and sprinkles on the top

    H/T r/Weird, r/hmmm, r/ATBGE, r/CrappyDesign, and r/creepy

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