19 Photos Of Tom Daley Celebrating His Olympic Bronze Medal Win

He was quite excited.

British heartthrob diver Tom Daley competed in the men’s 10m platform diving final last night. He did really well — and won bronze overall, behind American David Boudia and China’s Qui Bo. He dived like this:

And this:

And entered the pool just perfectly, dive after dive, like this:

Though at one point he had to re-do a dive. All the crazy British fans in the Aquatics Centre took pictures of him (as you would) while he performed his first dive — and all the camera flashes apparently knocked Daley off his game. He initially scored 75.60, but after lodging a complaint with his coach and then the officials, he got a second shot — and upped his score to 91.80.

Oh, and he took showers:

Once all the diving was done, Daley’s score left him in third place. A bronze medal! Here’s the celebrations:

BuzzFeed’s image uploader understands Daley-mania:

Tom and all the other Team GB divers even jumped in the pool. Jeah!

And then this is how Chinese diver Qui Bo “celebrated” his silver medal placement:

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