Get To Know The Brits’ Favorite Olympic Heartthrob, Diver Tom Daley

Lots of pictures of his wet shirtless body ahead.

Meet Tom Daley, 18 year-old Olympic competitor in both the individual and synchronized 10 meter diving competitions. (The synchro heats begin at 10 a.m. EDT today.) He’s one of Great Britains’s most likely medal prospects — and most likely tween girl pin-up. He splashes, they swoon — there are Tumblrs in his honor. This is why:

ID: 471548

A Fabulous cover.

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After meeting Kate Moss for this Italian Vogue photo shoot, Daley asked her if she’d pose for his photography project (she said yes, obviously).

ID: 472040

At the Opening Ceremony with his synchro diving partner Peter Waterfield.

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Yes, 18 year-old Tom already has a memoir.

ID: 472002

And this is a good way to promote it.

ID: 472008

And a bonus lip sync: here’s Daley, with other members of the Great British diving squad, dancing along to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” on the beach:

ID: 471998
ID: 471999

So, you know, if he ever gets bored of the watersports scene, he’s got a back-up career as the sixth member of One Direction in the bag. Who’d notice?

ID: 472001

So, that’s why everyone loves Tom Daley.

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