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18 People Looking For Sex At The Olympics

Some MIGHT be real athletes, and some are just people who want to do real athletes.

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"Visiting for a couple of weeks," check. "Fairly high profile," check. "Staying in East London," check. By now, this Craigslist poster might as well attach a glittery Blingee to his message flashing "I'M AN OLYMPIAN" in sparkly all caps. But who is he?

He's not the only potential Games competitor looking for no-strings-attached sexy times on Craiglist though, that's for sure. Below are three more people who might be Olympians and are also on the prowl, and a bunch of regular folks and their funny/sad requests for carnal pleasures with the sporting world's best. Most of the really explicit parts in their ads are censored — you're welcome — for two reasons: 1) they made me blush and 2) this way you can play a sex-themed game of Mad Libs with their posts... if you don't already play Mad Libs that way, of course. Here are the maybe-athletes:

And now here are normal people non-athletes seeking athletes. Most are fun, all are filthy:


In closing, one helpful note for many of these Craigslisters:


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