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15 Questions Canadians Are Tired Of Hearing

Just let us live, eh?

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Do you live in igloos?

No. No we don't. Most of us even have real life houses and everything!

Do you love beer?

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Yes. Yes I do. But I'm sure you do as well.

Oh, my friend ____ lives in Canada! Do you know them?

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35 million people live in Canada. No, I don't know your ONE friend.

How can you deal with the cold?

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Just like everyone else. We wear layers.

Why does Canada, like, love the Queen so much?

It's called the Commonwealth, baby.

Can you speak French?

There's a good chance I speak French as well as you speak whatever the second language of your country is.

Why is there no crime in Canada?

There is. I think everyone in the world would live here if there wasn't.

Why do you say "eh" all the time?

I honestly don't even know. But we totally do.

Do you guys have summer?

It may be short, but it's awesome as hell.

Do you live in Toronto?

First of all, it's pronounced "Turonno"...

Don't you wish you were American?

What?! NO!

What's the deal with poutine?

It's fries, gravy and cheese. What's not to love?

It's fries, gravy and cheese. What's not to love?

Why do you say "aboot"?

Are you guys always drunk up there, or what?

We've been known to have a cocktail or two. What of it?

Wait, so instead of a dollar bill you have a dollar COIN?

Sure do! We have a $2 coin, too! Strip clubs are interesting...

Fuck yeah, Canada!

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