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11 Times 'Friends' Was Your Actual Life

I was so happy when I grew up and discovered no one on 'Friends' had their shit together as well as I thought they did...

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1. When Joey shared your dietary persuasions

NBC / Via LatinTimes

2. Part 2

NBC / Via Deviant Art

But seriously

3. Ross being delightfully passive-aggressive

NBC / Via Giphy

Basically saying, "lol have fun"

4. Rachel being every 25 year old girl, ever.

NBC / Via WeHeartIt

5. Because she gets it.

NBC / Via TechnologyTell

I mean, eww, right?

6. Monica, just keeping it real

NBC / Via StudentMag

Maybe a little too real, but she's right.

7. Rachel having her priorities in order

NBC / Via BrightestYoungThings

8. Preach!

NBC / Via Tumblr

Sing it loud and proud, bitch

9. 'Friends' Guide To Parenting

NBC / Via PlayBuzz

10. Chandler, being the voice of our generation

NBC / Via TechnologyTell

Aren't we all, Chandler. Aren't we all.

11. Phoebe, always.

NBC / Via Tumblr

Get it, girl!

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