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26 Questions Cats Just Need To Answer

Mainly just "why?"

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1. If I pet this cat now, will they purr and be cute? Or will they maul me?

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

2. How can a cat possibly shed THIS much?

3. Why am I out of lint rollers now? WHY NOW?

4. When will I ever be able to eat in peace again?

5. When will I ever be able to read in peace again?

6. Is there ANY logic to what this cat is doing? Any at all?

7. Why do I even bother buying this expensive shit when all they do is play in the box it came in?

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

8. Is it weird that I talk to my cat like they're a person who understands me?

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

9. What invisible enemy are they always chasing?

10. I wonder if the cat misses me right now?

They don't.

They don't.

11. What are they whining about? They literally just ate.

12. How come they only want to play when I literally am about to fall asleep?

13. Should I take fewer cat photos or should I just get a phone with more space?

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

14. Why does this cat LOVE watching me pee?

15. In fact, why do they insist on being in the bathroom with me at all times?

16. If I get them a Halloween costume, will they love it and pose nicely or KILL me?

17. What is catnip to cats? Is it like sugar? Weed? A cool mix of both? Why don't humans have that?

18. How close is this cat to killing me right now?

19. If I died, would they eat me?

20. How can they just eat this one kind of cat food all the time?

It's mushed salmon — it can't be that good.

It's mushed salmon — it can't be that good.

21. Is it weird that my cat is one of my best friends?

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

22. Will I ever be able to train this cat to do anything? No? Cool.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

23. Why do they think that climbing onto the kitchen table, where I told them NOT TO CLIMB, will get them some of my dinner?

Umm no.

Umm no.

24. Why does this cat only drink out of my water glass? It has like three of its own.

25. Why does this cat stare at that blank spot on the wall so intently? DO THEY SEE GHOSTS?

Jonas Wahl

26. How did I possibly live without having a cat before?


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