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21 Times It's OK To Delight In The Failure Of Others

Glorious, glorious schadenfreude.

1. When the life of a bully from high school doesn't quite go according to plan.

2. When that really annoying couple you know breaks up.

3. When people are dicks to animals and get their comeuppance.

4. When the person who speeds past you like a maniac immediately gets pulled over.

5. Every texting-while-walking fail.

6. When the cocky person at work gets served by your boss.

20th Century Fox / Via

7. When pointless bro aggression goes wrong.

8. When someone sprints for a subway car and still doesn't make it.

Where's the fire, man?

9. When an ex joins you in the sad lane.

10. When someone else catches that puddle instead of you.

Columbia Pictures / Via

11. When you're on the winning side of an election.

12. When someone's drunken antics are too drunken to have sympathy for.

13. Any time a moralistic public figure blows it.

14. Or the Westboro Baptist Church.

15. Seeing an insanely expensive car that's been used as target practice.

16. When someone tries to make a cool guy entrance and gets taken down a peg.

17. Almost every satisfying sports moment.

18. But especially when you're watching a Yankees game with a Yankees fan and then A-Rod gets all "clutch."

Bill Kostroun / AP

Assuming you're not that Yankees fan.

19. When the smart kid gets a B+ and CAN'T DEAL.

20. When people try to showboat and NOPE.

21. Almost every moment of every reality show.

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