Someone On Vine Is Accosting People In Fancy Cars And It's Hilarious

    "Aww, hell yeah, pimp." H/t to Autoweek

    Vine user Conner O'Malley has a series documenting his interactions with people (mostly older men) driving expensive cars.

    "You're riding top down, god's a pimp, you're an angel, I pray that I MIGHT DIE FOR YOU."

    Some of the drivers find it amusing.


    Some find it terrifying.

    "Money is a game and you're the winner."

    Sometimes the satire gets pretty explicit.

    Or faux inspirational.

    Things get kinda emotional.

    O'Malley even shows up at Fashion Week*.

    *Fashion Squeak.

    Instead of rolling up on a cop car, he honors some police horses aka "the dogs of justice."

    The fun ends with the #devilpimp though.

    He had a good run.