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24 Reasons Matt Saracen Is Your Dream Boyfriend

Tim Riggins, I'm really happy for your abs and I'mma let you finish, but #7 is the most dateable guy ever.

1. In case you haven't had the EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL experience of watching Friday Night Lights — this is Matt Saracen, sometime quarterback for the Dillon Panthers.

Look at that mug.

2. He's just got one of those smiles.

3. But you also can't underestimate the smolder.

4. He might be super awkward when he asks you out, but somehow, it's irresistible.

5. He's not always awkward.

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6. Matt Saracen pays attention when you tell him about your dietary restrictions.

7. He's not afraid to cry, but he's still tough.

NBC / Via

Guy's been through a lot.

8. OK, he's really not afraid to cry, but still. He's mad sensitive!

9. He's sorta clueless, but in the most lovable way possible.

10. He is an adorably bad dancer.

A for effort, dude.

At least the basics are there.

11. Bad dancing doesn't matter when bad dancing is shirtless.

12. There really aren't any scenarios in which Matt's not adorable.

13. He's got a strong grasp on sarcasm.

14. He values family. A LOT.

15. Some creative role-play is not out of the question.

16. Guy is an athlete, he's in shape.

17. Into taking it slow? Not a problem.

18. He's great with dads.

Aww man, these guys!


20. Have I mentioned that he's TOTALLY DREAMY?

NBC / Via

I think it might have come up.

21. Looking good in a football uniform is one thing, but looking good working for Alamo Freeze means KEEPER.

22. Matt has your back.


23. SPOILER: There's definitely no fear of commitment to worry about.

NBC / Via

24. Bottom line: This could be you.

Don't you want this to be you?! (Hint: There is only one correct answer.)

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