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21 Times Local News Was Both Stupid And Brilliant

All the news that's (kinda) fit to print.

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1. When it shone a spotlight on this relatable pig.

2. When it knew that Waffle House is as important as the White House.

3. When it reveled in pun-based news.

4. When the coincidences were almost too good.

5. When it touched on true tragedy.

6. When it was better than any TV detective drama.

7. When it reminded us that danger is everywhere.

8. When it was in Florida.

9. When it had a flair for the dramatic.

10. When it let the people speak for themselves.

11. When it cast a wide net for stories.

12. When it was totally in on the joke.

13. Whenever there was a story about a drunken student.

14. When it had all the news on the street.

15. When it reported on the truly miraculous.

16. Whenever more stuff happened in Florida.

17. When it reported on mankind's more... interesting feats.

18. When it turned up harrowing tales.

19. When it found the best police blotter.

20. When it came through with the hard-hitting follow-up stories.

21. Seriously, any time any single thing happens in Florida.

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