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23 Pieces Of Evidence That Punk Is Dead

R.I.P. Sorry punx.

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1. Chris Brown's jacket.


2. This pillow.

3. This John Lydon butter commercial.

4. The Met Museum Punk Gala

Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff

5. And the exhibition.

Getty/Spencer Platt/Staff

6. These before and after photos.

Teresa Lee/Stringer

7. Fergie's T-shirt and kimono combo.

8. This article.

9. And this one.

10. :--(

11. This shirt/retailer combo.

12. This Bloomingdale's promotion.

13. This Ciara/Crass tee.


15. The existence of this website.

16. This conversation.

17. This "Punk Rock Vintage Crop."

18. This reasonably priced Op Ivy shirt.

19. This patch.

20. This Joy Division/Disney shirt.

21. This back piece.

Adam Hughes / Via

22. This "vintage" punk jacket.

23. This Bieber/Black Flag shirt.

The best things at three price points