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    36 Dogs That Are As Adorable As They Are Weird

    We 100% don't deserve dogs.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their dogs being adorable and weird. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint. Here are some of the best, cutest, and weirdest submissions.

    1. Listen, one thing you gotta love about dogs is that they just ~do their own thing~, ya know?

    "Molly enjoys sloooowly sliding off the couch like this. The view never gets old." —hannahb4059f284c

    2. Some of their decisions might seem a little suspect, but who am I to judge?

    "Why lay in the big bed mom got when this perfectly too-small one is right here?!" —laurenm49f7852b0

    3. They find joy and comfort in their own special way.

    "This is Stubby. He smashes his face into the corner when he's unhappy (when his dad leaves the house)." —emilyashburn91

    4. They are, frankly, visionaries.

    "Hazel is a species all her own. I often find myself asking her, 'What even are you?'" —natrat11

    5. They see opportunities where none seem to exist.

    "I was taking a bath when I heard a clinking sound. I looked over and saw this goofball nomming away on a pipe." —dawnc11

    6. They're creative when most of us humans are dull.

    "Such a long weekend." —lisad4067b3ca5

    7. Every day is an adventure.

    "My dog Penny has a habit of getting her head stuck in the trash can lid and will walk around the house completely unfazed." —nataliep41c6d0892

    8. Even if there are perils ahead.

    "'This is fine.' —Colt" —sarahd47ede54ef

    9. Dogs meet each day with enthusiasm and grace.

    "Our new puppy doesn’t quite understand that his back legs are just as useful as his front legs for going down the stairs." —emaleem

    10. They look for fun around every corner.

    "Darby loves playing with the 'water monster.'" —baileyh4177594e1

    11. They know that all work and no play makes for a sad life.

    "My yellow lab likes to 'hide' under the shower curtain. every. single. time." —chasel4182f8f73

    12. So they play to the fullest.

    13. The world isn't as full of rules for dogs as it is for us.

    14. There's always a new way to find peace.

    "Favorite sleeping position." —lilak40057739d

    15. A new way to relax.

    "My dog loves to watch TV, especially GoT. And he loves to sit like a human while watching, haha." —katlyng4fdbd41a1

    16. Luckily they love us back, and we should be so grateful.

    17. Even if they find their own...unique way of showing it.

    "The many faces of Ebby are beyond hilarious." —jennyphillops13

    18. And sometimes play favorites.

    “'Paws off, Mom. He’s mine.'” —megposeyg

    19. We appreciate their ridiculous air of mystery.

    "Jessie fighting her feet." —alexis43113

    20. Their perfectly strange habits.

    "He loves to sleep in the shower because it’s cooler. When I can’t find him he’s always in here." —taylors47cf35454

    21. The honestly random ways they entertain themselves.

    "IDK what this is or means." —julianag4c116d9f6

    22. Through it all they always find a way to be both happy and utterly weird.

    "Holly was very excited about her birthday party." —elizag41de50121

    23. Even when they're up to no good, you can't help but smile.

    "Diesel destroyed his basketball then got stuck in it." —hannah4c1ace45e

    24. Even when they're tearing apart your house, you just gotta sit back and admire.

    "When he feels he’s not getting enough attention, Chip attacks his bed. This time, he turned it into a tank and took it around the house with his head sticking out." —rossb4669c4388

    25. Dog brains are truly one-of-a-kind.

    26. They're so unpredictable.

    "My dog forgot how to dog and slept under the bed..." —lindseys4a7090fbc

    27. So visionary.

    "George finds the strangest places to sleep. Two perfectly comfortable beds and he goes in between." —j492abe8e8

    28. It's impossible to forget they're around, making your life better, and weirder, every day.

    "This is Ivy. She's a jumper." —iamtrixpup

    29. They're a part of the frickin' family!

    "We couldn’t have a nice family photo during her puppy phase." —psysocjj

    30. Year after year.

    "Regular Christmas photo? Not on his watch!" —amberb40f6d65b5

    31. Walk after walk.

    "My dog Amie absolutely loves to roll around in the grass. Here we are on a walk and she couldn't help herself. That face though." —monikap6

    32. Crazy moment to crazy moment.

    "Seymour saw a squirrel." —rebeccak42f5b5104

    33. They'll never fail to surprise you.

    "One time my dogs tried to take each other on a walk." —jennagrace248

    34. No matter where you are.

    "This is Coco, a ~12-year-old Chihuahua, who wants to give me potty-time moral support." —rebeccan4ca0c29af

    35. Dogs are a constant delight.

    "Margot is spring-loaded and ready for every single meal. She repeatedly jumps and grabs one kernel of kibble until it’s all gone." —chelsead4142e452c

    36. And even though they're weird as hell, it just makes you love 'em more.

    "This is Ted. Lights are on, no one’s home. Scared of his own farts, took two bites of a cactus, and goofy as hell...but heart of gold?" —amberk4accc87ef

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