14 Cool Visualizations That Show How We Use The Internet

    Apparently Japan really, really likes Yahoo.

    1. The most visited website for each country:

    2. Here are internet speeds across America:

    3. Here's what global internet usage looks like throughout the day:

    4. These are some internet café prices from around the world:

    5. This is a (not totally scientific) breakdown of the perils of Internet Explorer:

    Obvious correlation vs. causation problems here, but don't ruin the joke, man.

    6. This is how much can happen on the internet in just 60 seconds:

    7. Here's internet censorship by country:

    8. Here are the world's most connected countries:

    9. The most popular browsers around the world:

    10. And browser popularity over the last few years:

    11. Here's how countries stack up in their social network obsessions:

    12. These are the submarine cables that make worldwide internet possible:

    13. This is every page on the internet:

    14. And for some perspective, this was internet connectivity in December 1969: