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14 Cool Visualizations That Show How We Use The Internet

Apparently Japan really, really likes Yahoo.

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2. Here are internet speeds across America:

As Gizmodo explains:

"The map above shows relative download speeds (by congressional district*) across the contiguous U.S., based on January through July data from over 5,600 cities and towns represented in Ookla's Net Index. Blue means a faster download speed than the national average of 18.2 Mbps, while red means a slower download speed."

3. Here's what global internet usage looks like throughout the day: / Via

More detailed GIFs here.

There are caveats relating to sample size and bias, but it's a helpful (and quite beautiful) illustration of worldwide internet activity patterns nonetheless. The Motherboard blog has some interesting context.

13. This is every page on the internet: / Via

There are supposedly at least 14 billion pages on the internet and, as per Smithsonian, "from every single one of these pages you can navigate to any other in 19 clicks or less."

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