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    27 Pictures Of Dogs As Puppies, Then Fully Grown

    Fact: dogs are cute as heck at any size.

    Recently, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to send pictures of their dogs as puppies, then fully grown. Safe to say, they came through. Here are some of the best submissions.

    1. This colossally cute pup:

    "Smol pupper to giant doggo!" β€”emmadlmr

    2. This spotted sidekick:

    "Nugget. Nine weeks vs. two years!" β€”jacquip432aa4170

    3. This small-to-tall sweetheart:

    "Cora Bean at three months and one year!" β€”courtneyh466e3012c

    4. This perfect passenger pup:

    "Two years later..." β€”ecrazy8s

    5. These cuddling cuties:

    "Eight months difference. Arya’s favorite cuddle spot is still right on top of Loki." β€”jaclynl4d7418162

    6. This six-month spurt:

    "Loki at three months vs. Loki at nine months!" β€”jaclynl4d7418162

    7. This tall tale:

    "Arya at two months vs. Arya at 10 months!" β€”jaclynl4d7418162

    8. This ears-up elegance:

    "Ten weeks to ten months." β€”landednorth

    9. This magnificent mug:

    "Church at six weeks (18 lbs), vs. Church at 10 months (161 lbs). β™₯️" β€”erynd4aa600e4f

    10. This lil'-to-large lady:

    "She likes to pose for pictures." β€”bggrenville813

    11. This festive furball:

    "Judge at nine weeks vs. one year (and 70 lbs later) 😭" β€”brookesp8

    12. These pure pals:

    "Boomah (Red Labrador Retriever) about a couple weeks old and Boomah at 2 [years]." β€”j_rodaa

    13. This whole "hugged becomes the hugger" situation:

    "Jacob at 11 weeks vs. one year." β€”ckbelle20

    14. This wee-to-wise wagger:

    "Moose living up to his name at 115 pounds." β€”lindsaybbrowning

    15. This virtuous visage:

    16. This pile of pup:

    17. This lounge lizard:

    "Vicious at three months and three years, still a stud." β€”crvega5040

    18. This huge hug:

    "Brutus within the same year, lol β€” I quickly learned how fast St. Bernards grow." β€”crvega5040

    19. This long lad:

    "Loki at two months old and Loki now full-grown! πŸ–€πŸ–€" β€”vasquezvanessa510

    20. This expanding embrace:

    21. This fluff-splosion:

    22. This cool customer:

    "CapitΓ‘n has always been a cool guy 😎"Β  β€”alereyes34

    23. This group grow-up:

    "Cheech at 3 months and now at 11 years." β€”angelitabalbas

    24. This exponential expansion:

    "Freddie from 2 months old to 6 months old." β€”sarahp46fddde74

    25. This chic shepherd:

    "MaggieΒ (Miniature Australian Shepherd) at 12 weeks vs. Maggie at 15 months." β€”tiffanycs998

    26. This playful playtime:

    27. And finally, these best buds: