99 Of The Best Things In The World

    Life can be confusing and hard. Sometimes, though, it's the absolute best.

    1. Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer.

    2. Peaches in season.

    3. Seeing old people who are super in love.

    4. Nose freckles that only come out in the summertime.

    5. The sound of fingers on a fretboard you only hear at acoustic shows and folk recordings.

    6. The way a home run sounds coming off the bat.

    7. When you can get the tip of your finger inside the middle of your cat's paw and their claws can't reach you.

    8. Hearing a song you used to love and had completely forgotten about.

    9. When you take a selfie outside and the sunbeams cut across your face.

    10. The way you feel when you lie in the sand at the beach for a long time.

    11. Breakfast tacos.

    12. When the only open parking spot is waiting for you right by the door.

    13. Hearing kids playing games outside.

    14. The feeling of relief when someone likes you back.

    15. Frozen grapes.

    16. Wildflowers.

    17. When you post something hoping one particular person will like it and then THEY DO.

    18. When someone's eyelashes make a shadow under their eyes.

    19. The way old books smell.

    20. Slurpees.

    21. When you see a wild animal and instead of running away it stops and stares at you for a while.

    22. The feeling right after a really good haircut.

    23. This Vine:


    24. Ice cream sandwiches.

    25. Seeing an old friend who you haven't talked to in forever but picking up exactly where you left off.

    26. When you see someone on the subway smiling at their phone and you know they love whatever they are listening to or reading and they just can't help it.

    27. This emoji: 🐙

    28. People's voices on the phone when they're sleepy and all scratchy.

    29. Getting into bed in a super cold bedroom after a hot day and slowly getting exactly the right amount of warm under the sheets.

    30. First kisses.

    31. Cute butts.

    32. When you find something cool at a thrift store and it actually fits you perfectly.

    33. People who wink at you when you say their name.

    34. When you wish you could get out of your plans and just chill and then the other person cancels.

    35. Baby goats.

    36. When you catch someone's eye 'cause you've both seen someone else do something embarrassing but neither of you say anything, you just smile at each other and maybe just nod and have twinkles in your eyes.

    37. Spelling your name out with sparklers.

    38. An Otter Pop when it just starts to melt a bit but hasn't really melted yet.

    39. When you wait forever to text someone because you're worried about seeming overly enthusiastic and then they text you back IMMEDIATELY.

    40. When you ask at the last minute if anyone wants to go for happy hour and everyone is like, "Oh shit, yeah!"

    41. When you say, "Wait, does anyone just wanna get one more drink?" and everyone is like, "Yes!!!!"

    42. Arnold Palmers (half lemonade half iced tea).

    43. Suddenly realizing you'd rather eat something you taught yourself to cook than go out and feeling like an adult.

    44. When you fall asleep unexpectedly and you wake up just enough to realize someone is putting a blanket over you.

    45. When someone tells you their dog really likes you. "He doesn't normally like strangers."

    46. When the pizza place on the way home is still open after you leave the bar.

    47. When you read a sentence that makes you laugh out loud and you legit don't feel alone even though you are technically alone.

    48. When you get to watch your favorite movie with someone who's never seen it. (And they love it.)

    49. Getting a second bowl of cereal because you can.

    50. When you realize you've adjusted to the coldness of the water at the beach and now you're just IN THE OCEAN and it feels like you are meant to be there and not anywhere else.

    51. The first time you see little kid pictures of someone you're dating.

    52. The exact moment you beat the level of a video game you were stuck on forever.

    53. Watermelon.

    54. When it starts raining right as you're falling asleep.

    55. Jeans that fit perfectly.

    56. When you nail a new karaoke song the first time.

    57. A round of flip cup where your entire team does it in one flip.

    58. Unexpectedly crying tears of joy at someone's wedding.

    59. The little fingerprint indentation under people's noses.

    60. When you sit down to watch your favorite show and realize you actually have TWO episodes to watch.

    61. The moment you find something you thought you'd lost.

    62. Climbing trees.

    63. Watching someone laugh so hard they start crying.

    64. A friend getting a house with a pool.

    65. The word "canoodle."

    66. Being nervous watching a close friend do a public performance but then they're GREAT.

    67. Adirondack chairs.

    68. That thing good dogs do when someone's walking them where they're always looking back up at their person and smiling, just to check in.

    69. When you type "lol" because you actually laughed.

    70. Waiting for a Polaroid to develop and then it does and it's perfect.

    71. Watching snow fall outside while you're inside and cozy and have nowhere to be.

    72. When you get an email from a friend that isn't about making plans, it's just to say something nice about you.

    73. When you go to a movie and you have the whole theater to yourself.

    74. Campfire cooking, all of it.

    75. When your crush posts a cute #tbt.

    76. How when you put sunglasses on anything you can turn it into a funny face.

    77. Making goofy faces at the cute little kid at the next table over and they just cackle and smile super big.

    78. When you're seeing your favorite band live and they play the opening notes of their best song and everyone goes nuts.

    79. The unfathomably soft nuzzles of horses.

    80. When you all unanimously decide the best last karaoke song and everyone's just yelling and smiling. (Bonus points for "Maps" by the Yeahs Yeah Yeahs.)

    81. When you stick your arm out of the car on the highway and the wind lifts it up and you feel like that part of your body is a bird.

    82. Hummingbirds.

    83. Disco naps.

    84. Turning the corner at a museum and seeing something that stands you still.

    85. When you give a compliment so good that the person actually blushes.

    86. Sharing a song with someone and then finding out later it's become one of their favorite songs of all time.

    87. Sock-footed living room dancing at the very end of a good party.

    88. Having $5 in the jukebox.

    89. Writing something by hand with a really good pen.

    90. This dancing otter GIF:

    91. Forgetting it's a three-day weekend until right before it starts.

    92. Someone playing with your hair for a really long time.

    93. Maple syrup.

    94. The tallest sunflowers.

    95. Finding a really good, really smooth rock and slipping it into your pocket.

    96. The first time you come home after cleaning your house really well.

    97. Leonard Cohen's voice.

    98. A hole in one at mini-golf.

    99. A conversation that ends with :)