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Mr. C.'s Secrets To Successful Fathering (As Told By His Kid)

A Father's Day gift (because his daughter just graduated college and is cheap/he buys everything he wants anyway/so he's really the person in the wrong here/OK you get it, I'm cheap)

Dad, aka Mr. C., is an amazing father to three kids.

While this may look like an easy job, he has had to work hard and make sacrifices for this family.

His first big sacrifice when having children was biting his tongue on fashion choices...

...when he is clearly the style guru we all needed in our lives.

While he did his best to make us presentable members of society...

...he didn't give up on us when it wasn't working out.

Dad celebrates our accomplishments in life...

...and continues to claim us even when he is less than proud.

Along the way, he has taken us on many adventures...

...despite our tendencies to complain, fight, and overall drive him crazy.

Dad has taught us what it means to stand up for what you believe in...

...while never taking yourself too seriously.

He has proven that he is a better partier than his kids...

...including his 22 year old daughter (I know guys, I'm an embarrassment to my generation)

Through the years my Dad has had my back (like convincing mom to skip the rest of my college orientation because it was boring)...

...and then proceeded to throw confetti eggs at it (every Easter, y'all).

Through all the silliness...

...and embarrassment (I'm just now understanding why he refuses to go places with us)...

...Dad has proven to be the most loyal, caring, understanding, and amazing father any kid could ask for.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!

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