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Aussie Lingerie Model On A Mission To Ban The Term "Plus-Size"

Stefania Ferrario wants the fashion industry to #droptheplus.

This is Stefania Ferrario. She's a 21-year-old Melbourne-born model who's currently the face of Dita Von Teese's lingerie label. And she's sick of being labelled as plus-sized.

Ferrario posted this photo and joined the #droptheplus hashtag last month, after Ajay Rochester, former host of Australia's Biggest Loser posted this photo online.

As reported in Bust Magazine, that was a reaction to a campaign by Australian activewear label The Upside, where model Laura Wells was promoted as "plus-size".

The campaign appears to be supported by another prominent Australian model, Robin Lawley, who posted on Instagram in February, "It's ludicrous to call me plus size and I've stated that publicly pretty much every step of the way."

But not everyone agrees with the #droptheplus campaign, including Laura Wells, who describes the plus-size label as "empowering."

Despite some in the modelling industry disagreeing, Stefania Ferrario is still pushing on with her message on social media, posting this picture over the weekend.

Love this <3 @ajayrochester #droptheplus

And Ferrario says #droptheplus is not just about models, writing "if it gets eradicated in the fashion/model industry it'll flow on from there to stores too."

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Do you think the fashion industry needs to drop the plus?
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    Absolutely! Why can't they just be embraced as models?
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    No. Instead, we should celebrate plus-size as something positive.
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    What's the fuss about? They are bigger than other models so why not call them plus-size?
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    Boo hoo, this is just rich beautiful models having a whinge.

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