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Holy Shit You Guys, Aussie Comic Ronny Chieng Is The New Correspondent On The Daily Show

America, prepare to get yelled at.

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Melbourne-based comedian Ronny Chieng has just landed the gig of a lifetime, cast as a new correspondent on The Daily Show with host Trevor Noah.

The Malaysian-born stand-up moved to Melbourne to study law, but that was soon put aside for his skyrocketing comedy career. Chieng has been a festival favourite since 2012, with sell-out shows at international comedy festivals in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Montreal and the Edinburgh Fringe.

He opened for both Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr during their tour in Australia, and Chieng made his US television debut on “The Late Late Show” earlier this year.

Chieng made the announcement with his typical deadpan humour on Twitter.

I'm excited to bring my attention to detail & knowledge of current affairs to working with Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow

He joins comedian and actor Desi Lydic, and actor, stand-up, and radio personality Roy Wood Jnr. on the "best f!*&cking news team ever!"

Super excited about the new members of The Daily Show Team! - welcome @ronnychieng @DesiLydic @roywoodjr


Chieng is well-known to Australian audiences for his furious, confrontational, faux-arrogant style, which he uses to make observations both political and personal.

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In this set at the Melbourne Comedy Festival gala, Chieng addresses the latent racism in Australian culture, talking about the most common question he gets asked: "Are your parents ok with you doing stand up?"

"The insinuation behind that is downright racist," he says.

"You only ask me that because I'm Asian. You would never ask these other white comedians that question, because you know their parents don't give a fuck about them."

Or this awesome comeback for people who say that technology is making us anti-social.

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"I live in Australia. The iPhone's ability to capture video and sound is the only thing keeping me from being racially abused on public transport.

"Every Australia Day, I just walk onto a train and hit record: 'Ok, let's go! Who wants to be a YouTube sensation today?'"

And on chopsticks...

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"Chinese people, we invented chopsticks because forks are too easy. I don't know about you but I enjoy a challenge when I'm doing a daily activity that's required for my survival. What is that, a spoon? Get that shit away from me you pussy. I enjoy drinking soup with two sticks."

But for many Australians, it's this tirade about trying to ride a bicycle around Rottnest Island that they first discovered the work of Ronny Chieng.

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