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    15 Pictures Of World Leaders Rocking The Man Bun

    Warning: This will either make you think sexy thoughts about George W. Bush or ruin man buns for you forever.

    A terrifying photoshop of Donald Trump with a man bun has inspired a worldwide design competition to give famous politicians the top knot makeover.

    DesignCrowd, an Australian-based "virtual design studio" decided to run the competition when they saw the picture.

    "We saw the Donald Trump thing and thought it was hilarious," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

    "We thought it would be fun to get our designers to do the same thing for other politicians."

    Here are some of the entrants in the contest.

    1. Vladimir Putbun

    2. Bunrack Obama

    3. Malcolm Turnbun

    4. Tony Abbun

    5. Tony Abbun again

    6. George W. Bun

    7. Bun Howard

    8. Kim Jong Bun

    9. Tony Bun

    10. Bill Clintbun

    11. Barack Obunna

    12. Nabunda Modhi and Xi Bunping

    13. Bun F. Kennedy

    14. Joe Bunden

    15. David Camerbun