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    11 GIFs That Will Make You Give A Shit About The Budget

    The government says this year's budget will be "dull and routine". All the more reason to pay attention.

    1. After last year's budget disaster, this year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is telling us to expect a "dull and routine" budget.

    "This budget certainly will be much less exciting than last year's budget because the task this year is at least 50% reduced from this task last year," he said in March.

    "I think when it comes to savings people will find it pretty dull and routine."

    2. It's hardly an inspiring political message.

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    3. So what is actually going to be in this year's budget?

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    4. First up, Australia's biggest export is massively losing value.

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    Remember the mining boom? That boom that had Australia sail through the GFC while Kevin Rudd gave everyone $900 bucks like a rapper in a nightclub? Good times.

    Yeah well, now the value of iron ore is dropping faster than the value of a Hollywood actress over 40. In April, it plunged to its lowest level in ten years.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey is saying the price will drop to below $35 a tonne, which will take $3 billion a year out of the economy. Ouch. When you hear people talking about the budget deficit or falling revenue, this is mostly because we're getting a lot less money from selling all that red dirt than we thought we were before.

    5. So how do Australians make up for this deficit? Work b*tch!

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    The government will introduce a series of measures to encourage young people to get jobs, mums and dads to get back into work, and old people to stay working for longer.

    In this tortured metaphor, social services minister Scott Morrison is Britney, the whip is the incentives designed to get people into work and the lady's butt is all Australians, we guess?

    Plus, the government spends a whopping $150 billion on welfare and they'd like to cut that back. So the message is clear: GET TO WORK.

    6. Older people will be encouraged to put off their retirement, and rewarded for finding a job.


    The Australian is reporting the government will give older Australians a bonus when they retire and collect the pension if they choose to stay at work for a few more years. They'll also speed up the process for businesses to get $10,000 for hiring an older person.

    7. Government subsidies for nannies.


    If having to look after your kids is the main reason you're not at work, then the government wants to help you out. They're trying out a $246 million program for working families who need to hire nannies.

    But if you've got Mr Sheffield levels of wealth, you'll probably miss out.

    The program is targeted to middle to low income families whose work hours make it hard to access normal childcare. That's people like nurses, ambos and shift workers as well as families in rural and regional areas.

    8. Increasing the pension taper rate.

    "A COMPANION TAPIR FOR EVERY PENSIONER!" announced Joe Hockey in my dreams.

    No, what's actually happening is the pension system is being overhauled, which means 91,000 rich retirees (dubbed "liquid assets millionaires" by the PM) will be kicked off the pension. The government says most older Australians won't be affected or will get a small boost.

    "We are getting rid of the change to the indexation for the pension, which would have affected a large number of pensioners," assistant treasurer Josh Frydenberg told the ABC.

    "We're changing the taper rates, we're changing the asset-free thresholds and our whole rationale for this is to create a sustainable and fair pension system."

    9. A "delicious" package for small businesses.

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    "A delightful package, a delicious package, energising enterprise," announced federal minister Bruce Billson on Wednesday, giving everyone present a weird little tingle.

    His "small business package" will prove that when it comes to companies, size doesn't matter. They'll get a naughty little 1.5% tax cut as well as some throbbing incentives that will help entrepreneurs save on compliance costs worth an engorged $13 million.

    But don't climax quite yet. "As tempting as it is to announce the budget measures a few sleeps out it'll be a few more days and all will be revealed," he said.

    Billson, you tease.

    10. A tax on "intangibles." (read: stuff you love)

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    The government will impose a GST on services bought online from overseas, aka "Intangibles." Intangibles means anything you can't physically hold. So that's downloaded movies, books, software, music and even Netflix.

    This will add billions to the budget bottom line and level the playing field for local retailers. Sucks for everyone else though.

    11. But remember, the stuff the government announces before the official budget release is the stuff they want you to know about. So when the budget comes out on Tuesday, look closely.


    It might not be so dull and routine after all.

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