This Is What Will Scientifically Help Your Hangover

    And no, it's surprisingly not just plain water.

    We recently spoke with Kevin Strang, Ph.D., a physiologist in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical School, to ask him why we do stupid shit when we're drunk.

    Like a gift that keeps on giving, Strang didn't stop there. He also gave us some important tips on hangover prevention and treatment.

    "I already know how to get rid of a hangover," you say. "Just chug water, right?" ... WRONG.

    To properly re-hydrate your body and feel like a human again, you need a mix of salt, sugar, and water. Strang's hangover cocktail (either pre or post-hangover) is this yummy combo:

    Now for the science behind it.

    To make your body stop hating you, you need salts, sugars, and B vitamins as well.

    The sports drink gives you those salts and that sugar.

    The soup gives you salt and super important vitamins.

    If you have this hangover cure either before or after a night of drinking, you'll feel less like this...

    And more like this.

    You're welcome in advance.