Which Benedict Cumberbatch Character Are You?

Answer a Cumberbatch of questions and discover your true identity.

    1. Via The Associated Press
    1. Denis Aglichev / Via Thinkstock
      A well-fortified castle
    2. somchaisom / Via Thinkstock
      The moon
    3. Akabei / Via Thinkstock
      A cozy farmhouse
    1. piovesempre / Via Thinkstock
      A hyper-modern house
    2. karamysh / Via Thinkstock
      A mega-mansion bought with prize winnings
    3. AmandaLewis / Via Thinkstock
      A bohemian London flat
    1. Nathan Denette / Via AP Photo/The Canadian Press
    1. New Line Cinema / Via lotr.wikia.com
      Thorin Oakenshield
    2. Hartswood Films / Via pbs.org
    3. Bad Robot Productions / Via suilynn.wordpress.com
      Captian James Tiberius Kirk
    1. caio3d / Via Thinkstock
      Your own troubled heart
    2. Creatas Images / Via Thinkstock
      The English Government
    3. Michael Blann / Via Thinkstock
      Old-school physicists
    1. qingwa / Via Thinkstock
      The US American Government
    2. Georgios Kollidas / Via Thinkstock
      King Henry VIII
    3. Stephen Lovekin / Via Getty Images
      This Effing Guy
    1. Danny Moloshok / Via Reuters
    1. Pacific Data Pictures / Via dreamworks.wikia.com
    2. Spyglass Entertainment / Via startrek.com
    1. Mark Blinch / Via Reuters
    2. E. Charbonneau / Via Wireimage
    1. Paul Hackett / Via Reuters
    2. Alexandra Wyman / Via Wireimage
    1. Itsuo Inouye / Via Ap Photo
    1. Red Hots
    2. Candy Cigarettes
    3. Milky Way
    1. Charleston Chew
    2. David Pimborough / Via Thinkstock
      Jelly Babies
    3. Starburst
    1. ruzanna / Via Thinkstock
      Chocolate Truffles
    2. Good N’ Plenty
    3. Nerds
    1. Stuart Wilson / Via Getty

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