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What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About You

Mirror, mirror, in this post: what's the film you love the most?

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"People who like Snow White are old school."

"You stress-clean."

"Girls who like Snow White probably have a lot of guy friends. I mean, at least seven of 'em."

"Theater kids love Pinocchio."

"Really close with their dad."

"Yeah they might've had a rebellious phase at some point, but now they're close with their parents."

"Fantasia people are really cultured."

"But secretly the dinosaur segment is their favorite."

"Moms. Moms love Dumbo."

"Dumbo fans tried to jump off their couch with a feather and fly. It's OK. We all did it."

"Folks who like Bambi are just the sweetest."

"They have hidden depths. Like a forest."

"Cinderella people are so classy. I can't even stand how classy they are. Birds probably do dress them every morning."

"They have unrealized dreams and hope to meet their prince charming still. Also they are probably 16 — IRL or at heart."


"Oh, Alice in Wonderland? Yeah, without a doubt. Drugs."

"Wonderfully weird, we'd be best friends."

"They had a patch on their backpack that said 'We're all mad here' and probably had a Cheshire Cat T-shirt from Hot Topic."

"People who like Peter Pan probably refuse to grow up, which can be a good thing and a bad thing."

"Reality sucks."

"They always complain about how they 'feel sooo old.'"


"Dog people must love Lady and the Tramp."

"The spaghetti kiss? Cultural touchpoint of the 20th century. It's a classic and its fans have good taste."

"They're looking for love in unexpected places. It's a little cliche, but it's sweet."

"Money can't buy YOU love!"

"They're traditional. Some people choose to interpret Sleeping Beauty's flawed gender politics as chivalry."

"They're the kind of people who make you stop and stare. Forest-waltzingly elegant."

"There was a little bit of bondage action with Maleficent and the prince in this one so maybe they're into that? It's fine if they are, just maybe think about where that might have come from and know that it's probably Sleeping Beauty."

"Everyone knows someone who thinks Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a misunderstood fashion icon."

"She is!"

"They probably missed the point of The Devil Wears Prada too."

"That, or more likely they just love dogs. Obvs."

"Anyone who has attended a renaissance fair has watched The Sword in the Stone."

"They're often overlooked, but undeniably charming and funny in their own way."

"Animal lovers are The Jungle Book fans. Probably one of those wilderness types."

"Your best friend probably reminds you of Baloo and you didn't even realize it until just now."

"Hey, remember that show where Baloo was a pilot? What was that called again?"

"TailSpin, yaasss!"

"The Aristocats people are probably rich, cute, and can't nobody tell them nothing."

"They have never once asked themselves what four cats would do with a million-franc inheritance."

"Honestly, everybody wants to be cat, so they watch this movie."

"Look, I'm not saying that everyone who loves Robin Hood is a Furry. Just most of them."

"Oh hush. It's a great take on a classic legend."

"They have definitely volunteered at at least one soup kitchen."

"Folks who like The Rescuers are underdogs."

"They've got a strong urge to help people, natch."

"Poor The Fox and the Hound fans. They probably have a long-lost friend."

"This type of person enjoys a sad movie, clearly."

"Yeah, it's sad because it's real. This person gets it."


"Do The Black Cauldron people exist?"

"Hipster contrarians."

"Eilonwy is a very underrated princess, so people who like this are really good judges of character."

"Nothing scares them. Not after the Horned King."

"People who like The Great Mouse Detective probably ship Sherlock and Watson."


"Especially when they are mice!"


"Oliver & Company is great! So fun and fancy free! Why should you worry? Why should you care?"

"They freaking love show tunes. And Billy Joel."

"It's OK if they thought the dog was hot. "

"The Little Mermaid people had parents who were kind of strict so they went a tiiiny bit wild in college."

"Maybe a little spoiled but they are an adventurer."

"They've tried to comb their hair with a fork."

"They, like, really think of what life would be as a mermaid."

"FOMO is practically their middle name."

"Did more people watch The Rescuers Down Under than the first movie? I feel like that might be a thing."

"They want to flyyyyy like an eagle."

"They hate poachers."

"Beauty and the Beast people don't judge people by their appearance. They believe everyone deserves a second and even third chance."

"They hum 'Be Our Guest' to themselves whenever they invite people over."

"On one hand you believe in inner beauty, on the other hand you hold out hope that they might get hotter with age or a new haircut."

"They're the book nerd who gets really hot when they start wearing contacts."

"Angela Lansbury is a teapot. ANGELA LANSBURY IS A TEAPOT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

"People who like Aladdin are romantics at heart. No doubt."

"The idea of finding a large cat filled with treasure appeals to them very much."

"Money also cannot buy YOU love."

"If you love The Lion King it only means that you are a human being with a soul that is intact. "

"You always remember who you are. "

"Timon and Pumba were gay, right? I identified with their gayness. They raised a child together and he turned out to be a world leader. Take that, tea party."

"Hakuuuuuna ma-ta-ta."

"People who like Pocahontas are not historians."

"People who like Pocahontas watched it when they were really little and didn't get what was actually going on, and find that initial love hard to deny."

"They like playing devil's advocate."

"'Colors of the Wind' is a dope song though."

"If you love The Hunchback of Notre Dame you felt a little something when Esmeralda did that dance, didn't you? Didn't you."

"They were sheltered as children but not in the way Little Mermaid fans were. "

"My god, they are so gentle. So, so gentle. They put baby birds back in their nests and kiss them on their wee downy heads. "

"Also none of their friends are real."


"People who like Hercules have amazing taste in music and a very loose grasp on mythology and that is OK because, wow, that music is just so good."


"People who like Mulan look at each other when they hear a sexist joke and roll their eyes so they know they're on the same page."

"They love being the kind of person who says exactly what you're thinking. You also love your family and will sacrifice a lot for them."

"They are/want 'a girl who's got a brain, who always speaks her mind?' Or both."

"Girl power."

"People who like Tarzan also had their sexual awakening watching George of the Jungle."

"They really like Phil Collins' music."

"If any of Disney's films are a cult film, it's The Emperor's New Groove. Liking this is as indie as you can get with Disney."

"Was Kronk a kept man or what? I always had that inkling."

"+1 Eartha Kitt Point"

"If you like Atlantis: The Lost Empire because you like Kida you're cool."

"If you like Atlantis because you're sexually attracted to Milo Thatch's college-professor hotness, you're cool."

"If you like Atlantis because the idea of 'discovering' a civilization and saving its people from themselves appeals to you, that's not cool. You're a colonialist."

"People who love Lilo & Stitch are all about their family."


"They also love when Disney does nontraditional family structures and a cast consisting almost entirely of POC where the leader of the entire galaxy is a lady alien."

"Princess and the Frog fans believe that hard work pays off. Which is a great thing."

"People want to hire The Princess and the Frog fans."

"Jazz lover."

"They Instagram pictures of their food. But it always looks really good so it's cool. They have a lot of followers."

"Tangled people have a penchant for falling for bad boys/girls."

"Also wit turns them on."

"The Teens."

"I want a chameleon."

"Huge Wreck it Ralph fans have got to be big gamers, right?"

"They're very modern and hip with the times. They tend to be early adopters when it comes to tech and they watched the first season of popular shows."



"Shut up! Frozen is great! 'Let it go! Let it go!'"

"They will go above and beyond for their siblings because xoxo."

"People who love Frozen love warm hugs."