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27 WTF Thoughts You Had While Watching: "Gotham"

Season 1, Episode 21: "The Anvil and the Hammer"

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•Ten million points to whatever hair architect created the fabulous pile that is Barbara's bedhead. She literally woke up like this. Stay flawless, Babs.

•"The hour we slept?" says Barbara. "We had fun last night," says Jason. Fictional hotties talking about getting it on dot tumblr dot com is something I would subscribe to in a heartbeat.

•Jason decides to get honest with Barbara in a way he never has before, which would be sweet except that he's getting honest about MURDERING WOMEN. He doesn't get a cookie for that!

•This cut-rate Billie Joe Armstrong would be fantastic in a classic Gotham rock n' roll interrogation montage but alas, no music. Not even a beat. Maybe next time, Jimbo.


•Bullock sure knows a lot about the top secret traveling brothel he claims to know nothing about. Thot Harvey is my favorite Harvey.

•Jim Gordon pulling a gun on Penguin means he has finally, FINALLY reached the Fuck-It Plateau. No more fucks to give, none to take. He's clean out. May God have mercy on his soul.

•Where did Barbara get that slip? Her dress was sleeveless so she couldn't have worn it to the apartment. Is that a dead girl's slip? That's gross.

•If you listen to every fifth word that comes out of Jason's mouth, he sounds like the perfect boyfriend: " one....unconditional..."

•But the other four out of five are "cut.....murder...kill...slice..." so again, no cookies for Jason.


•Now that Bruce's dad is dead, it's up to the Wayne Enterprises board to give him "The Talk." It takes a multinational corporation to raise a child, I guess. Also hi Lucious Fox!

•"I never saw the point in telling a man something before you're gonna whack him." Same, bro.

•Thot Harvey is living his best life at the Foxglove right now. He's never been happier OR more freaked out and that dichotomy is what makes this scene beautiful.

•That and the contrasted red-and-black outfit combinations that have my Harley senses tingling. Does anyone else have Ms. Quinzel on their wish list for next season?

•Jason is so obsessed with people thinking he's crazy that he skips over the part where is is literally absolutely 100% BAT-SPIT CRAZY.


•Jim doing Jim teeth at the brothel is so amazingly consistent. Jim teeth doesn't need a time. It doesn't need an occasion. Jim teeth is always. Jim teeth is forever.

•Penguin sets the Irishman up with unloaded guns, presumably because taking the chill path would be too mainstream.

•So when Penguin said "there's a war coming" all season, he meant "A VICIOUS MOB WAR OF MY OWN DESIGN BECAUSE POWER." Is anyone on this show more punk rock than Penguin? Serious question.

•That "Royal" sign reminds me of the "Empire" hotel sign in Midtown Manhattan and even if it's not a shoutout, I appreciate it. Even though Gotham city is canonically in New Jersey, this show feels so, so, so New York.

•Jim can still smell Barbara's perfume lingering romantically in the air. After all this time. Severus?

•Wait wait wait back UP. Barbara has a Free Murder Pass from Jason and she picks her parents? She could have sicced a serial killer on Butch (who threatened her, physically and sexually) or Victor Zsasz (who held her captive in the world's ugliest kitchen and who she is admittedly terrified of) or Don Falcone (who gave the orders for all of that to happen and almost had her shot) and she picks HER PARENTS? I know you're in shock but when you get a free murder, a girl must choose her hit carefully. Not since season 2 Arya Stark have we seen someone flush free murders right down the toilet. The Red God is not pleased.

•Unless this is an inheritance thing, in which case, please proceed. Money is money. Bang bang.

•Bruce is not only a bad liar, but his current need to tell the truth in all matters is decidedly un-Batmanlike. Take a few minutes off the Batman Inevitability Clock.

•Lee is so invested in this relationship that she has with a cop who doesn't have a house. They are SO in love. Do they have things in common besides solving crimes?


•Yo Nymga leaving the riddle behind for Kringle is the beginning of the beginning of the end for him. He is going to be so thrilled with this mob war!

•Bruce snipping his dad out of that picture is pretty brutal. We've come a long way from our fond, ankle-breaking visits to the father-son rock pile.

•Ending this on a note that should have been made all season but Zabryna Guevara's hair is a character on this show in its own right. Look at those CURLS. They're perfect.

•BUT WAIT. Did anyone else notice who was getting into the car that got shot up by Maroni's men? He was very tall, very bald, and had a very...distinctive silhouette.

Holy Gang War, Batman! What could possibly happen on next week's finale? Tune in to Gotham on Fox next Monday and check BuzzFeed on Tuesday for the final installation of Gotham Thoughts!


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