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    23 Signs Fall TV Has Completely Taken Over Your Life

    As told by Fall TV GIFs.

    1. Your favorite part of summer is when all of the pilot news and trailers come out.

    2. But once those episodes start airing, your whole life just kicks into high gear.

    3. You only know what day of the week it is by what show you're going to watch when you get home.

    4. You've stopped coming up with exciting excuses for not hanging out and just tell everyone the truth: You have shows to watch.

    5. You spend your whole lunch break at your desk catching up on some show or another.

    6. You run — actually RUN — back home at the end of the day to make sure you don't miss anything.

    7. Basically every waking moment of your life revolves around how many shows you can cram in before bed.

    8. Premiere days are just as important to you as real holidays.

    9. You are constantly torn between loving niche shows and fearing their cancellation at any given moment.

    10. Your idea of "reading on the train" is going through your daily circuit of recaps from last night's TV.

    11. If someone asks what your "favorite" show is, you break down like a sad, rusted robot.

    12. You follow actors moving from one show to the next like some people follow football trades.

    13. And you develop elaborate theories that tie all of your shows together based on common actors.

    What if Sam is just the Penguin after the apocalypse? OMG. COBBLEPOCALYPSE.

    14. Thursdays are just really...really stressful for you.

    15. If anybody asks you what's up, you launch into a detailed description of last night's big episode and its emotional impact.

    16. You almost — ALMOST — forget what it feels like to binge-watch a show all the way through.

    17. You're dressing up as a character from a fall TV show for Halloween.

    18. You physically recoil at the sight of a rerun.

    19. You trade Hulu, HBO Go, and other subscription site log-ins with fellow TV nuts to make sure you're all in the loop.

    20. You find it difficult to talk to people who aren't on the same watching schedule as you.

    21. Your DVR takes the exalted place of "favorite piece of technology" for a few brief, glimmering months.

    22. You want to punt whoever came up with the concept of a "mid-season finale."

    23. And, of course, this is all prep for the all-out brawl that is Emmy nominations.