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Do You Have A Moment To Talk About "Tithe?"

Holly Black's urban fantasy novel doesn't get enough love.

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Kaye is a biracial protagonist, which is pretty cool considering a lot of faerie tales are whitewashed.

Holly Black / Via

It's also a more mature take on faerie lore. Instead of magical godmothers, the Faerie world is ruled by dueling factions: The Unseelie and the Seelie.

There's plenty of imaginary eye candy, like the silver-haired bishounen dream Roiben and the alluring Kelpie shapeshifter.

Roiben is kind of like a darker, more messed-up Legolas, long hair and all. The Kelpie can look like whoever, but has a big scene where he is basically described as Michael Obiora. Heart eyes.

It's also refreshing to see a faerie story that is so rooted in the real world. Kaye's home life is a mess, and her friends deal with real struggles like being closeted, alcoholic parents, and loss of life.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

Pictured: sad teens dealing with sad teen stuff. Just like in Tithe but not magical.

And the best part about Tithe? It's the first in a trilogy, so after you finish it you can go on to read Valiant and Ironside.