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Literally Just 20 Pictures Of Tom Hiddleston

Not 19, not 21. 20 pictures. That's all you get.

1. Here he is.

2. Tom Hiddleston.

3. "Hello," says Tom.

4. If he were a rapper his stage name might be "Tommy Hidz"

5. But that's not very likely.

6. Tom can't lift Mjolnir. Is it possible that he is not worthy?

7. No. This is not possible. He must be worthy.

8. Here's Tom on a bike.

9. Here– WHOOPS, that's not Tom! That's Loki, notorious Asgardian trickster god. Sorry about the confusion. Let's get back to Tom.

10. Welcome back, buddy.

11. It's him. Tom.

12. "Look at my blue suit."

13. "I am very serious."

14. "Just kidding I am not always serious."

15. Tom is kissing the popcorn.

16. Tom is glowing in the beautiful lights.

17. *simple smile*

18. Tom looks like he wants to read you a story.

19. There he goes.

20. Tom.

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