How 2014 Were You?

Did you, in fact, get out me car?

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    Check off everything you did in 2014:
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    You called something or somebody "basic."
    And immediately regretted it.
    You followed a bunch of journalists on Twitter just to read their Sochi tweets.
    You learned where to find Sochi on a map.
    At least five of your friends shared a meme about the Olympic ring not lighting up.
    You refused to get caught up in Ebola panic.
    But washed your hands sliiightly more frequently while it was happening.
    Just in case.
    You had a solid theory on where the missing plane might have gone.
    It involved a reference to "Lost."
    You looked at your fair share of butts this year. Butts everywhere.
    You faved or retweeted Ellen's Oscar selfie.
    You watched some of the World Cup.
    Mostly for the dudes, but still.
    You felt actual pain in your body when Germany demolished Brazil.
    A potato flew around your room.
    You watched a Robin Williams movie to help you mourn the loss of the greatest comedic mind we'll ever know.
    You unwillingly learned who Alex from Target is.
    You were in your mum's car.
    Broom broom.
    You did the ice bucket challenge.
    You rocked out to Taylor Swift's "1989."
    And if you weren't a Swiftie before, you totally are now.
    You got real amped when you heard about the second royal baby.
    You got the opposite of amped when you found a U2 album on your phone.
    And had to resort to Google to teach you how to get it out of there.
    You took a side in the War of the Azaleas/Azealias: Iggy v. Banks.
    You were suddenly very concerned about your eyebrows, but only because apparently everyone else is?
    You had a well-reasoned argument for or against the continued use of "bae."
    You still don't know what was going in with Pharrell's hat.
    You kept up with the news coming out of Ferguson.
    You fell in love with a tiny baby tree dancing in a pot.
    You read a few thinkpieces about Macklemore winning that Grammy.
    You thought that Eurozone was a German electropop band.
    And were very confused when Latvia joined it.
    You fell in love with One Direction for the FOURTH time.
    You were an avid supporter of #HarryFollowMatt
    And while you had your ups and downs, you're ready to say goodbye to 2014.

How 2014 Were You?

You're not very 2014, which is actually awesome because you're probably a time traveler who is just passing through this year on your way to your next adventure. See you in the future.

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You're pretty 2014, which means that you pay attention sometimes to the things that happen around you. Woo!

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Your 2014 game is unstoppable! How do you know about all of these things? You must read so much. Keep it up in the new year!

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YOU ARE THE PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT OF THE YEAR 2014. Your only challenge going into the new year is rocking the annual pants off of 2015 as hard as you did this time around. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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