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How High-Strung Are You?

"Take a chill pill, br-" "NO!"

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  1. Check off all that apply:
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    Check off all that apply:

    You've woken up annoyed for no reason.
    You've woken up annoyed about something that happened in a dream.
    You've woken up worrying about something that happened a loooong time ago.
    Contrary to all advice, you've gone to sleep angry.
    In fact, the phrase "angered myself to sleep" makes perfect sense to you.
    You've broken an alarm clock.
    You've broken two.
    You've spent more time just staring at yourself in the mirror trying to determine if you're acceptable today than you spent actually getting ready.
    You've attempted to intimidate your hair into looking good: "lie flat or else!"
    You've ruined your appetite by thinking about something embarrassing you did ten years ago.
    You've "accidentally" kicked the ankles of people who walk slowly in front of you.
    You've felt bile rise in your throat at the sight of a long line.
    You've given death glares to people who don't immediately shuffle up a space when the line moves.
    You've vocally expressed your displeasure at non-shufflers.
    Oh my god, you've pushed someone, haven't you?
    It's been a long time since caffeine had any effect on you.
    But you think you need a large cup of coffee to function anyway.
    The phrase "take a chill pill" sends you into a completely un-ironic bout of rage.
    You've warned people about the dangers of sneaking up on you.
    Because you've accidentally smacked someone for tapping you on the shoulder.
    You can never tell if your heart is racing because you're nervous or just because you're awake.
    Your doctor has had some words with you about your blood pressure.
    But your doctor can STUFF IT.
    You've found fingernail marks on your palm from clenching your fists too tightly.
    You've chewed your pens and pencils until they're unrecognizable as writing implements.
    You've had to hold onto something to keep from lashing out at someone.
    You've had to bite down on something to keep from lashing out.
    You've been physically restrained by your friends, who were trying to keep you from lashing out.
    You've been angry in a house.
    You've been angry with a mouse.
    You've been angry with a fox.
    You've been angry in a box.
    You've quietly raged when hearing the phrase "please hold."
    You've had to perform deep-breathing exercises when hearing the "please hold" music.
    You've considered throwing your phone in a river because crappy reception makes it impossible to talk.
    Yikes, have y— did you really throw your phone in a river?
    Did that make you angrier?
    You've wanted to clock someone for telling you "please be patient."
    And you taste metal in the back of your mouth when you hear "thank you for your patience."
    Okay. Okay. Breathe. You're cool. You're fine.
    You've ended a friendship because your friend was always late.
    Not because you're a jerk but because being LATE shows that your friend doesn't VALUE YOUR TIME.
    The one time you were late, your blood pressure mounted with every extra second it took to get where you needed to go.
    Just thinking about being late makes you mad.
    Just thinking about a lot of things makes you mad.
    Just....thinking....makes you mad.
    This quiz is making you mad.

How High-Strung Are You?

You're not high-strung. You're actually quite laid back. Even if this result was wrong and said you were really high-strung, you'd probably take it in stride. Keep on keeping on, you chill person you.

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You're a little high-strung, aren't you? That's okay. You're a couple of yoga classes and some Relax tea away from keeping your cool. Remember to take care of yourself, OK?

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You're high-strung. But you're also super effective at getting stuff done because you make it work in your favor. Channel that nervous energy into SUCCESS! Go go go!

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