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How Christmas Are You?

Is your holiday spirit turned up to 11?

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  1. 1. How Christmas Are You?

    Check off everything that applies:

    You start to get excited a month before Thanksgiving.
    You only watch the Thanksgiving Day parade for the big Santa reveal.
    You listen to Christmas music year-round.
    Without earbuds.
    And your favorite part of the year is when stores start playing it too.
    You've gone caroling.
    You've gone caroling more than once.
    You've gone caroling IN COSTUME because you're not even close to messing around.
    You bake Christmas cookies every year.
    You actually make more than one kind of cookie, because variety is important to you.
    You would do questionable things for peppermint bark.
    Your heart leaps when Starbucks brings out the red cups every year.
    You unironically own and wear a Santa hat
    And a reindeer antler headband.
    Maaaaaybe even a Rudolph nose.
    You've thrown a holiday party.
    You throw THE definitive holiday party of the year.
    You spend hours crafting the perfect holiday playlist.
    And, if you may say so yourself, it's AMAZING.
    Your Christmas tree is on fleek.
    And your halls are pretty much decked to the max.
    You aspire to have, or already have, one of those houses with all the lights and the decorations that everyone on the block takes pictures of.
    You have a collection of Christmas sweaters.
    That you wear pretty much every day leading up to Christmas.
    You start thinking of what to get people as gifts months in advance.
    You're super proud of how on-point your gifts usually are.
    Like a lot of people just get gifts that they want for themselves but you're actually really considerate.
    (that's such a rare skill, good for you)
    You can wrap gifts very well.
    You can wrap gifts very quickly AND very well.
    Seriously you're like a ninja with scotch tape.
    You have successfully organized a Secret Santa.
    Your favorite movie is a holiday movie.
    At least three of your top five favorite movies are holiday movies.
    You audibly gasp when you catch a glimpse of a Christmas tree through a window.
    And have felt moved to tears at the sight of a street all lit up with festive lights.
    And you wish that the world were always as wonderful as it is in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
    So you carry that spirit along with you in your heart all year round.
    Combine that with countless opportunities to get ugly-wasted on eggnog and you've got the perfect holiday.
    So, you know. Merry Christmas!

How Christmas Are You?

You're super chill about Christmas, which is fine. Who needs to get all worked up over a holiday anyway?

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You're moderately excited about Christmas! Woo! You're not a total bah humbug, but you also know that there's nothing inherently ~special~ about a few weeks towards the end of the year. Good on you for having a solid head on your shoulders.

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You're fairly pumped about Christmas, which seems like the healthy way to go about things these days. You know how to take the joys where you can and appreciate the little things that make the season bright.

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You are basically a glowing Christmas angel come to life, sent to this earth to spread the joy and goodwill towards man. Never change.

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