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    12 "Grey’s Anatomy" Exits, Ranked By How Violently They Destroyed Your Soul


    12. Doc


    After being diagnosed with bone cancer, it seemed inhumane to let Doc suffer. They broke your heart while talking about burying him in a spot overlooking the water, but then when his cute little paws stopped moving, it was next-level Marley And Me.

    11. Adele Webber


    Although she died off-screen, Richard fighting to hold back tears over Adele's death didn't make it any easier to mourn. As Ben and Bailey's first dance shifted to a flashback of Richard and Adele dancing in that empty room, we all added My Funny Valentine to our Cry-It-Out playlist.

    10. Henry Burton


    If you told me that I'd be rooting for Teddy and Henry when he was first introduced, I'd call you a liar. As their short-lived love progressed, we all started to understand why Shonda Rhimes brought the two of them together (only to pry him from Teddy's little broken-hearted fingers). Her deep denial that he was gone was reflective of a true widow.

    9. Preston Burke


    No one expected Burke to leave Cristina at the alter. His "I'm a heart man" vows made everybody watching swoon. His exit was like ripping a band-aid off: Painful at first, but then it was over, and we were actually quite relived.

    8. Charles Percy


    TBH, I can probably name a list of Charles fans on a single hand. However, anyone who died at the hands of Gary Clark (an episode that will go down in Grey's Anatomy history) deserves an honorable mention. OH, and when Bailey cries, you cry.

    7. Izzie Stevens


    No one thought we'd lose one of the original five to the Mercy West merger. Izzie wasn't the first to kill a patient — and surely wouldn't be the last — but her major slip up caused her her job. Heart broken and betrayed, our warm-hearted, optimistic Izzie was gone.

    6. Samuel Avery


    No words. Just tears. Everywhere.


    5. Denny Duquette


    "An hour ago, he was proposing. And now he's going to the morgue." Could a song be any more fitting to a moment than this one with "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol? NO. GET ME A TISSUE.

    4. Mark Sloan


    Shonda Rhimes pulled the wool over every Grey's Anatomy fan's eyes when it appeared as if Mark Sloan was on his way to making a full recovery. In reality, the flashback showed Sloan just days before experiencing "the surge": The last surge of energy before a terminally ill patient dies.

    3. Lexie Grey


    Sweet, sweet Lexie. Her untimely death was the end of her bright future, her relationship with Mer, and one of the greatest 'ships in Grey's history — Slexie. As she lay there dying, Mark on his hands and knees promising her the best life, we all cried little bitch baby tears... and maybe still do just thinking about it.

    2. George O'Malley


    The fact that NO ONE could have predicted this death earns O'Malley a rightful spot at No. 3. Despite tracing 007 on Meredith's palm, not even the doctors believed that this unrecognizable John Doe could be the fellow surgeon they had all adored and admired so much. Gasps were heard 'round everyone's TV and laptop screens as the elevator doors opened and revealed George, fully dressed in uniform, waiting to take Izzie home.

    Cristina Yang


    Actually breaking it off with your long-term BFF probably hurts less than this. It was officially the end of the "twisted sisters," who had forged an unbreakable bond for nearly 11 seasons. Cristina and Mer's friendship taught us one of the most tried and true testaments in Grey's Anatomy history: Find your person and treasure them, no matter what.

    1. And Derek Shepherd


    NO GREY'S ANATOMY FAN IN THEIR RIGHT MIND EVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME. The day Derek died, we all went numb and stopped believing in fairy tales. We also accepted that love doesn't exist and ShondaLand is a cruel and scary place.

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