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How To Buy Your Perfect Pair Of Jeans

The process of finding a good pair of jeans is torture. That's not an overstatement. It's just a cold hard fact. But if you learn from your mistakes and pick up a few tricks on the way, you can find the perfect pair of jeans without the struggle.

alexianmarko 4 years ago

What Kind Of Freaky Parasite Are You?

Real life mind control, zombies, and possession occur in the tiny world of nature. Let's see which freaky parasite you would terrorize as.

alexianmarko 4 years ago

The Many Hairstyles Of Brad Pitt

You often find yourself saying: Brad Pitt can pull off any hairstyle. But when you actually do the research and delve into his adventurous hair career, you find that casual statement to be more than the truth. It's beyond truth itself.

alexianmarko 4 years ago

13 Things You Absolutely Need To Do Before Working Out

After a restless night of meat sweats and a lingering sugar high, you wake up, look down at your swollen belly and think: I need to work out. But there are some things I absolutely have to do before hitting the gym. It's definitely not procrastination.

alexianmarko 4 years ago