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    If You Thought Your First Kiss Was Bad, You Need To Hear These Stories

    These stories will totally make you cringe.

    First kisses can be awkward and are usually not how you imagine they're going to be. While most of us have probably already experienced our first time, hearing other people's cringey stories can make us feel a little bit better about our own.

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    That's why TikTok user @alexandriaf808 decided to ask her followers, "Anyone got any good first kiss stories?" She started things off by sharing how her first kiss turned into a medical emergency when her partner's tongue got stuck in her braces:


    Very romantic first kiss. #kiss #storytime #imanidiot

    ♬ Kissaf808 - Alexandriaf808

    Of course, lots of TikTok users had something to say. Here are some of the best:

    1. There are so many layers to this story but my favorite parts were when her date compared himself to Zac Efron and how she ended things by punching his "little friend":


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808

    ♬ original sound - Lauren Maxwell

    2. This woman's first kiss was with her brother...but it's not what you think:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 😬Oh heyy, brother....oops #awkward #fyp #selenanetflix #family #firstkiss

    ♬ original sound - Kaylah Sorensen™

    3. Things started out alright here but got pretty awkward when this woman told her kissing partner how bad it was going:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 nervous me has absolutely zero filters #firstkissstory #whoops

    ♬ original sound - angela?

    4. This woman slept through her first kiss (and don't worry, it's pretty innocent):


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 #firstkiss #storytime #story #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - Amberlee Nix

    5. There was lots of slobber involved here:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 my first kiss went a little like this #firstkiss #story

    ♬ original sound - Alexandra Bramstadt

    6. This kiss led to a nose bleed:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 #fyp #SelfImprovement #REMDreamCheck #selenanetflix #firstkiss #band #valentinesday #foryoupage #storytime

    ♬ original sound - Alex Waldron

    7. This woman found out that the guy she just had her first kiss with was actually dating her new friend:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 men are pigz #ImAGhost #PersonalFinance #REMDreamCheck

    ♬ original sound - mr. erma

    8. This woman kept missing her partner's mouth and ended up with a lot of chin action:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808

    ♬ original sound - Gabbyrose❤️

    9. After her first kiss, this woman got mono and had to redo her freshman year of high school:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 don't mind me it's been a rough time healing from surgery. #ThinkingAbout #funny #foryoupage #highschool

    ♬ original sound - Jennifer Renee

    10. Before this woman even got kissed, her partner asked if he could touch her boob:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 and then he ended the night the ✨we should just be friends✨ but total props to him for asking for consent, we stan.

    ♬ original sound - Carly

    11. This woman choked in the middle of her first kiss:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 enjoy my embarrassing first kiss ☠😅 #ImAGhost #fyp #firstkiss #firstkissstory #storytime

    ♬ original sound - scarlett_sno

    12. And this woman had her first kiss with her best friend's uncle...and she DIDN'T GIVE ANY MORE DETAILS:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 so sorry cyd

    ♬ original sound - maya baby

    13. This girl started snort laughing during her first kiss:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808

    ♬ original sound - madiSUN

    14. The night of this woman's first kiss, her partner called out her kissing skills in front of her friends:


    #stitch with @alexandriaf808 ⚠️romantic alert⚠️

    ♬ original sound - Carolyne

    TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here's how.

    How awkward was your first kiss? Share in the comments below!

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