Pete Davidson Had To Shoot Down Fake Marriage Rumors But The Story Gets Weirder Than That

    "Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is."

    Pete Davidson is shutting down rumors that he secretly tied the knot...but the full story is honestly even more wild than that!

    Pete smiles on a red carpet

    Rumors began circulating that the Saturday Night Live star had gotten married after a press release for a company called Bodega Cats Presents was released Tuesday.

    A screenshot from the Bodega Cats website saying their mission is to provide a stage for underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry

    The PR blast claimed that Pete was the cofounder of the new production company alongside a person named Michelle Mootreddy — and alleged that they were married.

    Pete smiles on a red carpet

    "Pete and Michelle were childhood friends prior to starting Bodega Cats Presents and are married," the release for the company claimed.

    Pete looks concerned while attending an event

    Pete's legal team was quick to shut down the claims, explaining that the comedian has "no idea" who the person is.

    "The press release being circulated this morning about Pete Davidson is completely false. Not a word of it is true. Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies," Pete's attorney told E! News.

    Pete looks a surprised in a photo from an event

    While the marriage rumors were swiftly shut down, the website for Bodega Cats Presents is still live, and its founder is sticking to their story.

    In fact, Michelle shared a 10-minute video aiming to "clear the air" about the situation on the Bodega Cats Instagram account, which has since been made private.

    A screenshot of Michelle's video

    In the comments section, Michelle also expressed a willingness to go to court to defend the company's statements, writing, "At the end of the day, you can say he doesn’t know me [...] it doesn’t personally affect me. It seems like these comments are strategically done to smear my business, image & this response, when you guys aren’t representations of Pete Davidson. If anyone who should be speaking on it, [it] should be Pete directly."

    A screenshot of Michelle's comment

    Michelle's Instagram account, which has now also been made private, continues to display their last name as "Davidson" and features Pete's name with a "💍" emoji in the bio.

    A screenshot of Michelle's Instagram bio

    So while it's clear that Pete and Michelle aren't actually married, I'm still left with A LOT of questions about this whole thing. One thing's for sure: It's certainly going to make for an interesting episode of SNL!