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    These People Trusted Their Intuition And It Saved Their Lives

    You'll always listen to your intuition after hearing these stories.

    We've all had that gut feeling telling us not to do something before, but has it ever saved your life? According to these TikTok users, trusting their intuition got them out of some pretty scary situations and their stories are WILD.

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    TikTok user @julietalkstoangels kicked things off when she asked her followers, "When is a time that you listened to your intuition and it saved your life?" She then told a story about how she once heard a voice that told her "don't go" at a green light, moments before a car came barreling through the intersection. If she had not stopped, she would have been in a horrific accident:


    My intuition saved our lives. #stitch #duet #savedmylife #almostdied #medium #psychic #angels #thinkingabout #iamaghost #spirituality

    ♬ original sound - Julie Talks To Angels

    Here are some of the best stories:

    1. This woman was just 16 when her car hit black ice, causing her car to flip. While in the air, a voice told her to relax her body to minimize the impact and she ended up walking away from the accident:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels #greenscreen #howbizarre luckily i was the only person in the car that night

    ♬ original sound - ☀️wagaflocka🦋

    2. Two weeks before heading on a vacation with her mom, this woman had a terrible feeling about the trip. Things got so bad for her that the group decided to postpone. It's a good thing they did — because the plane they were supposed to be on crashed:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels That was a moment. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #CancelTheNoise #Catchphrases

    ♬ original sound - Lindsey Nicole

    3. This woman saved her aunt's life because she had a feeling she should invite her to hang out even though she knew she was sleeping. While they were together, her aunt ended up having a seizure that could have killed her if she had been alone:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels The time my intuition saved my Aunt’s life!❤️ #fyp #Catchphrases #family #makethisviral

    ♬ original sound - Robynne Cowan

    4. This woman usually went to a mall to get a bite to eat every day but had a feeling she shouldn't and decided against it. Later that afternoon, a mass shooter killed eight people at that mall:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels #guncontrol #shooting #mall #fyp #guns #savedmylife #tiktokmom #stitch

    ♬ original sound - jbird13

    5. When this woman was a little girl, she was on a cruise ship with her family. While she was doing an activity by the pool, her mom headed back to their room but quickly turned around when she had a bad feeling. Moments after her return, the ship began to tip and the little girl almost slid off the boat's deck:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels #cruiseship #intuition #storytime

    ♬ original sound - Jasmine Sawaged

    6. Moments before this woman was in a car accident, she had a feeling she should take off her seatbelt and it ended up saving her life:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels Intuition is a surreal thing and you can not understand it until it happens to you 🙌🏻

    ♬ original sound - Hails_m.w

    7. This woman doesn't typically check the water before she gets in the bathtub but the day she chose to, an electrical wiring issue had electrocuted the water. Had she gotten right in, she would have gotten severely shocked:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels God is GOOD.

    ♬ original sound - Santerra Blevins

    8. The day before September 11th, this woman had a bad feeling and asked her mom not to go to her office, which happened to be next to the World Trade Center:

    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels

    ♬ original sound - Grey

    9. When this man was a little boy, he lived in the countryside with his family. One day while walking through his home, he got the feeling he should stop...right before a bullet soared through the wall:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels

    ♬ original sound - Mncubbybear

    10. While bridge jumping with a friend, this woman got the feeling the duo should take a pause before jumping...which prevented them from jumping directly onto an unseen boat:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels #intuitioncheck #intuition #almostdied

    ♬ original sound - Chill Girl

    11. This woman kept forgetting things at home, making her late to her destination. She also narrowly missed a major accident near her home:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels happens more times than I care to admit #1111 #1234 #fyp #333 #spiritguides

    ♬ original sound - alittlebitofjojo

    12. Even though her bedroom was hot, this woman had a feeling she shouldn't sleep in her living room even though it was cooler. Later that night, a car crashed into the living room:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels That time a car crashed into my house #fyp #caraccident #carcrashedintohouse

    ♬ original sound - Ally

    13. As a little girl, this woman warned her mom not swim in the water because she was going to get bit by a shark, even though that rarely happened at their beach. The family found out later that day that two people had gotten bit by sharks:


    #stitch with @julietalkstoangels 😅

    ♬ original sound - meg🥳

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    Has your intuition ever saved your life? Share in the comments below!

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