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    Miley Cyrus Revealed The Surprising Reason Why Her Voice Has Constantly Been Criticized By Professionals

    "So many people tell me, 'We're going to have to bring in a singer to hit those high parts.'"

    Apparently not everyone is a fan of Miley Cyrus's voice.

    Miley performs on stage while wearing a black vest

    Throughout her career, Miley says she's received a lot of criticism about her singing voice — especially from professionals.

    Miley performs on stage an American flag leather jacket

    While chatting with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for Interview magazine, she opened up about the negative feedback she constantly faces when it comes to the depth of her voice.

    "My whole life, whether in vocal training or just continuing to hone my craft, it's always been about, 'Why do you sound like a man? Where's your fucking falsetto, bitch? Why can't you sing the high octave of 'Party in the U.S.A.' anymore?'" Miley explained.

    She continued, "I've worked with so many people who tell me, 'We're going to have to bring in a singer to hit those high parts.'"

    Miley went on to say that falsetto actually "means false," explaining that it's a "Latin term for when a boy goes through puberty, but they still want him to sing in the choir."

    "I don’t have a false voice...I am who I am. I say what I mean in the moment, even if that changes tomorrow," Miley added.

    And when it came to Miley's collaboration with Metallica on a cover of their hit "Nothing Else Matters," she says she was relieved to use her authentic voice.

    "I even went down to some of those octaves, because singing those super-low lead vocals is so satisfying... In this song, I get to sing in that low register, and I get to live in that authentic, genuine sound. My voice is how I represent myself. It’s how I express myself," she said.

    Miley added, "I was honored by the fact that I didn’t have to sing this song in the way that females are 'supposed' to sing. You can hear that at the end of the song, when I take the gloves off and just start flying. That part of the song really grabs people. It’s that lower register of my voice. So I’m grateful to have a song where I can lean into that."

    Listen to Miley's entire performance below, and read the entire interview here.

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