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    Leonardo DiCaprio Got To Meet Jacob Elordi At A Met Gala After-Party And It Was All Captured On Camera

    I never pictured Leonardo as a Euphoria stan!

    Who knew Leonardo DiCaprio was such a big fan of Euphoria??

    A closeup of Leonardo

    It turns out that the legendary actor is actually a regular viewer of the HBO series — even though he may not be the exact target audience.

    At a recent Met Gala after-party, Leo even got the chance to gush about Euphoria a little bit when he met one of the show's stars, Jacob Elordi.

    A closeup of Jacob

    The wholesome interaction was all caught on camera by TikTok user @deannamarienyc, who, of course, shared the moment on their account.

    A screenshot of Leo and Jacob looking at each other while chatting with a few people between them

    In the vid, Leonardo can be seen shaking hands with Jacob before he says, "The show's amazing!"

    While Jacob's response can't be heard, it was clear from the look on his face that he was totally thrilled to be chatting with Leo.

    A closeup of Jacob talking

    And, upon further research, it's not even the first time that Leonardo has complimented the show!

    A closeup of Leonardo smiling at an event

    After the first season aired in 2019, Leo revealed he had just watched it and thought it was "amazing."

    Leonardo DiCaprio on HBO's #Euphoria: "That show is amazing"

    @Variety / Via Twitter: @Variety

    I'm officially starting a campaign for Leo to make an appearance in Season Three!