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    Here's How Kourtney Kardahsian Became BFFs With TikTok Star Addison Rae

    If you've ever wondered how TikTok star Addison Rae became BFFs with Kourtney Kardashian, you're not alone.

    Kourtney Kardashian, 41, and TikTok superstar Addison Rae, 20, seemingly became BFFs overnight, leaving a lot of fans wondering how their unlikely friendship came to be.

    Despite their 21-year age gap (Kourtney is actually the same age as Addison's mom), the duo have become inseparable.

    Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian smile while in the middle of a dance routine

    It turns out the duo were introduced by their mutual friend David Dobrik back in March, who wanted Addison to meet Kourtney's son, Mason, because he was a big fan.

    Addison Rae poses with Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason

    While Mason wasn't allowed to stick around on TikTok for long (remember when he was spilling family secrets on social media?), Addison and Kourtney's friendship stuck!

    "I kind of just stuck around and we got really close. We started working out together. We did a video on her YouTube of us doing a butt workout and stuff, so that was fun," Addison added on Tom Ward.

    As for that butt workout video? It's racked up over 4 million views since it premiered in May.

    View this video on YouTube

    POOSH / Via

    In the vid, Kourtney spilled that she and Addison had been spending time together and invited her to come work out with her trainer at her home.

    By June, Kourtney and Addison were calling each other "besties" in a cute TikTok where they showed off their moves in matching sweatshirts:


    take 5 @kourtneykardashian

    ♬ original sound - payton graber

    The duo's TikTok escapades continued and later that month, they recreated an iconic scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians while wearing matching PJs:

    Kourtney sips from a martini glass while wearing purple feathered pajamas and Addison wears a matching pink outfit

    The rest of their summer involved lots of time by the pool, a tea party and, obviously, more TikToks:

    Addison makes a peace sign next to Mason

    By August, they finally got around to that at-home workout:

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    Addison Rae / Via

    And then there was more pool time:

    And hanging in Miley Cyrus' disco ball truck:

    And some fancy dinners:

    Addison poses with Kourtney at dinner

    Earlier this month, the duo celebrated Addison's 20th birthday, which included a super sweet birthday message from Kourtney:

    The ladies even took the birthday party to New York City, where they had a girls' weekend filled with fashionable moments, museums, and sightseeing:

    So while some people don't understand Addison and Kourtney's friendship, it sure looks like they're having a good time to me!

    After all, age is just a number, right?