Dixie D'Amelio Says She Didn't Delete Twitter Because She's A Trump Supporter

    "Hate me but talk about every move I make…okay?"

    You may recognize Dixie D'Amelio as the older sister of TikTok superstar Charli D'Amelio and over the past year, she's followed in her sister's footsteps to gain millions of social media followers herself.

    And, of course, that includes Twitter! Since joining the app in 2017, Dixie has racked up an impressive 3.9 million followers:

    A screenshot of Dixie's Twitter account showing her followers

    But several days ago, Dixie mysteriously deleted her account after cryptically writing, "goodbye twitter...it was fun."

    Dixie's final tweet

    While some fans speculated that the cyberbullying on the app had gotten too intense for Dixie, others thought the 19-year-old had more politically fueled motives.

    Dixie's deletion decision happened to fall on the same day that Donald Trump was banned from the app — and the same day that some of his supporters were deleting their accounts in solidarity.

    A screenshot of Twitter's announcement about Donald Trump being banned from the app

    Dixie's fans began to quickly speculate whether there was a correlation between the two events, hoping that she wasn't a Trump supporter:

    did dixie damelio just come out as a trump supporter.......

    @visitkingdoms / Via Twitter: @visitkingdoms
    @IIVYKORE / Via Twitter: @IIVYKORE

    Some fans even discovered an old VSCO photo on an account that allegedly belonged to Dixie, where Trump banners could be seen in the background:

    Why are ppl getting routinely surprised that Dixie D’amelio is a Trump supporter. Her name is literally DIXIE as in the Dixie south, she goes to the University of ALABAMA, her Republican dad is heavily into politics, & she posted Trump signs on her vsco for an aesthetic

    @VenusMonths / Via Twitter: @VenusMonths

    Dixie previously addressed the photo though, explaining that it was not her home and at the time, she was young and didn't care about politics.

    After receiving backlash, Dixie took to her Instagram stories to clarify the situation and explain that she was definitely not a Trump supporter:

    A screenshot of Dixie's Instagram story which reads I don't fucking support Trump

    She added that she deleted her account because she "spends way too much time reading hate" and that her "timing was just awful."

    As for those who were speculating about her political affiliations, Dixie wrote, "hate me but talk about every move i make...okay?"

    Another Insta story screenshot

    While Dixie's disappearance from Twitter had nothing to do with Donald Trump, she has not yet voiced if she ever plans to return to the app. So for now, Dixie is saying peace out to Twitter.