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Dixie Damelio

Emma Chamberlain Revealed She Found It “Kind Of Scary” Transitioning Into The Fashion World As An Influencer Weeks After Facing A Ton Of Criticism For Her Met Gala Appearance

“In a sense, the fashion world itself has been around forever and influencers and digital celebrities are very new and haven't necessarily earned their stripes yet... My only hope is that people will accept me into it and let me be a part of it.”

The Met Gala Guest List Sparked A Huge Debate About “Elitism” And Which Celebrities Should Be Invited After This Year’s Red Carpet Saw More YouTubers And TikTokers Than Ever

The influx of Gen Z TikTokers and YouTube stars — like Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain — who secured coveted invites to this year's star-studded event has sparked a discussion about the “elitist” nature of the Met Gala.

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