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    The Sword That Grimes' Brought To The Met Gala Was Made From An AR-15 And Definitely Not A Prop

    "I tried to pick it up and this is not really a one-handed situation."

    Grimes' look at the Met Gala was out of this world — Dune to be exact.

    Grimes poses while holding the sword over her shoulder

    The musician hit the red carpet in a futuristic ensemble that she says was inspired by David Lynch's adaption of Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi novel, Dune.

    A full length look at Grimes outfit

    In fact, Grimes says she was actually collaborating with the people behind the movie until things fell through.

    "We were working with the Dune movie people,” Grimes told Vogue, adding that they had planned to hire her "as a professional fan, or like, an influencer or something" but the contracts weren't created in time.

    Grimes holds an open book on the carpet

    Instead, she went for a Dune-inspired look that consisted of a custom Iris van Herpen gown made from mirror-finish liquid silicone and hand-pleated silk that took 900 hours to create.

    "Iris has been one of our favorites. I just feel a kinship to women behind the computer. She is a technologist, you know? And I feel like she’s always been on another level," Grimes said.

    Grimes reads from the book, which is glowing with light

    She added, "Like, to me she’s kind of got an argument for being the current-era McQueen or something, she’s pushing the boundaries in a way that I don’t know if anyone is actually competing with her? We had offers to go with bigger people, but…the first thing she sent through, we were like, this is fucking fire."

    A look at Grimes dress from behind

    In addition to the intricate gown, Grimes accessorized with an original mask from the film and a sword borrowed from the Met's permanent collection.

    Grimes holds the sword, leaning it on her shoulder

    The sword, modeled after a weapon from the end of the Middle Ages, was crafted from an AR-15A3 — because what's more American than that?

    Grimes holds the sword, leaning it on her shoulder

    "It’s from these people who are getting people’s [guns] who don’t want to have their automatic rifles anymore, and are melting them down and making them perfect replicas of medieval swords, which I think is just so cool — I think it’s a beautiful thing," Grimes added.

    Grimes holds the sword, leaning it on her shoulder

    While the sword will be going back to the Met, Grimes' gown is set to be auctioned off in November to benefit the Amazon Conservation and Rainforest Trust — so get ready to place your bids!