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19 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Costume Ideas From TikTok

No Halloween costume yet? No problem.

If you've been waiting until the last minute to pick your Halloween costume, fear not - TikTok has all the DIY ideas you need.

And you can find pretty much everything in your closet.

1. You'll be speaking Simlish in this costume which involves minimal crafting:

Two women wear the Sims game diamond over the heads
@lenifried / Via

Last minute CARNIVAL COSTUME inspo ✅ #thesims #sims #carnival #karneval #fasching #fastnacht #fürdich #viral #diy #costume #kostü #inspiration #inspo

♬ Originalton - Leni

2. Don't get caught red handed when you put together this simple burglar costume:

A woman wears a striped shirt paired with black gloves and a black beanie
@laysamichelle_ / Via

Easy Halloween costumes on a budget pt. 4 💸 #diy #halloween #fyp #bestcostume

♬ calling all the mOnstErs - aubs

3. You can have your space, cowboy in this cute costume:

A woman wears a metallic top with a silver cowboy hat and pink glasses
@laauren1 / Via

Easy & cute Halloween costume idea! Space cowboy💚👽🤠 links in my bio✨#halloweencostume #halloweencostumeideas #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #costume


4. Got black pants and a button down? You've almost got a complete Pulp Fiction costume:

A woman dressed in a white button down with fake blood makeup on her face
@charxstyle / Via

*BLOOD WARNING* easy costumes for Halloween🎃 (pt 1?) #halloweenathome #scarystories #fyp #halloween #spooky

♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA

5. Don't get it "twisted" — this costume is super easy:

A man holds the board for the game Twister with colored dots attached to his shirt
@charliecastles / Via

That left Hand Blue though👀😂 #twister #halloweencostume #halloweenathome #easydiy #diycostume #Closetcosplay #fyfp

♬ original sound - Cher Raspberry

6. You probably already have the items in your closet for any of these TV-inspired costumes:

A woman wears a preppy outfit including pearls, a fancy white top and red headband
@tashmopolitancouture / Via

Easy costumes that may be in your closet already #costumes#halloween#rvcharacters#rachelgreen#blairwaldorf#serenavanderwoodsen#sabrinaspellman#fyp

♬ bad guy - Billie Eilish

7. If you've got a rake, straw and some face paint, you're steps away from this scarecrow costume:

A woman wears makeup to look like a scarecrow and a straw hat
@drleslie / Via

Easy costume when it’s super cold!! #halloween #thisishalloween #Boorito 🎃🎃🎃🎃

♬ Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt Kickers

8. You'll be shouting "She doesn't even go here" all night in this Mean Girls inspired costume:

A woman wears a blue hoodie with the hood pulled tight and sunglasses
@iitsjordannn / Via

🛑 last minute costume idea for lazy people 🛑 #Boorito #spookyszn #easycostume #duet #fyp

♬ original sound - david deville

9. Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Unless it's your Halloween costume, of course:

A woman wears a variety of name tags on her shirt / Via

super easy halloween costume🎃 day 7: identity thief! #fyp #halloween #costumeidea #lgbtq #razrfit#Affirmations #easycostume #diy #StrapBack

♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold

10. Transform into Sandy from Grease with just a few items you probably already own:

A woman in a off-the-shoulder black top and bright red lipstick
@laysamichelle_ / Via

Easy costume 2 #halloweencostume #fyp #foryoupage #trend

♬ original sound - Laysa

11. I don't know anything about makeup but somehow I think could do this Halloween look:

A woman wears makeup to appear that she has cuts coming from both sides of her lips
@paigebrad / Via

Chelsea grin for an easy costume🩸#foryoupage #foryou #fyp #halloweenmakeup

♬ Draco Malfoy - 🥥 𝑅𝑂𝑆𝐸 🌸

12. This easy hack to make a mask is too good not to share:

A homemade black mask
@mama. llama. 317 / Via

Cheap superhero mask #diy #cosplay #easy #bestcostume #superhero

♬ Smiling Devil - Robert Downey Jr.

13. You'll be the new world record holder in chewing gum in this Willy Wonka Violet Beauregarde costume:

A woman wears a blonde wig and blue face paint over her nose
@mellyrosel / Via

#31daysofhalloween DAY 3🍭 A super easy Halloween costume idea too! 😄 #violet #willywonka 🍭

♬ original sound - Rhia👑

14. What's the sitch? This super easy Kim Possible costume:

A woman flexes while wearing a black crop top and green cargo pants
@melissabecraft / Via

Call me beep me if you wanna reach me. 📱#kimpossible #superhero #cosplay #DANCETOBER #halloweencostume

♬ Call Me, Beep Me (Kim Possible) - The Hit Crew

15. A "cereal" killer will be on the loose if you chose this DIY costume:

A man wears a shirt cereal boxes taped to it
@charliecastles / Via

Watch out Tucan Sam, there’s a Cereal Killer on the loose!😨🔪Day 9 Leggo!🎃 #cerealkiller #halloweencostumeideas #halloween #halloweencostume #fyp

♬ Mountain King - Halloween Sound Effects

16. If you've got a button down and socks, you've got this Risky Business costume:

A woman wears a long white button down while laying on a couch
@therosettastore / Via

#EasyCostumes Risky Business with Rosetta’s sunglasses- Camisa blanca grande- Calcetas blancas- Lentes vintage Dior

♬ Old Time Rock and Roll - The Chee-Weez

17. You'll be both "mysterious and spooky" in this Wednesday Addams costume:

A woman wears her hair in braids along with a black top
@goodfair / Via

another simple yet cute halloween costume idea w/ things you probably already own #halloween #Boo #nonewthings #costume

♬ 2 on Tinashe slowed and reverb - you are loved🥺💕

18. You'll be saying "Ahoy, matey" in this homemade pirate costume:

A woman wears a pirate costume with a best, lots of jewelry and a bandana on her head
@janatomesek / Via

Th' name is Davey Jane. Th' outfit be thrifted items put together cept fer th' pants 'n boots #costumeideas #diycostumes #costumediy #thrifter

♬ Jack Sparrow ( From "Pirates of the Caribbean" ) - Philippe Briegh & Alexis Lambert & Jean Paul Trasfi & Thierry Carpentier & Russ Hoag & Various Artists

19. And finally, this Queen of Hearts costume is almost too easy:

@lynsey_melissa / Via

Made this for $2 😝 are you ready for the Halloween look that goes with this????!! #halloweenmakeup #queenofhearts #halloweendiy #diycostumes #crown

♬ EGO - фанта вроде 🤔