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    Dixie D'Amelio Talked About Her Family Becoming The New Kardashians

    And other things we learned in her Euphoria interview.

    TikTok superstar Dixie D'Amelio is ready to take center stage — starting with her very first solo magazine cover.

    Dixie takes a mirror selfie showing off a cow print phone case

    The 19-year-old, who boasts over 40 million followers on the app, just landed her first solo magazine cover with Euphoria mag.

    But Dixie’s exponential rise to fame over the past year (which includes a hit single, TV show, merchandise, and more) almost didn’t happen when she initially shied away from joining TikTok.

    Thankfully, her younger sister Charli convinced her to stick around...and it definitely worked out for the duo.

    While the sisters undeniably balance each other out quite perfectly, Dixie is now stepping away from their intertwined careers.

    This also includes her budding music career and her new holiday single with Liam Payne (which has racked up millions of streams in just a few days).

    Dixie isn't forgetting her family though, who just landed their first reality show and are already garnering comparisons to the Kardashians.

    As for what fans can actually expect from the show? A lot of behind-the-scenes content about their hectic lives.

    And as for what else the future holds for Dixie? Finding her place and making sure she can help others along the way.