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    Dixie D'Amelio Attended Her First Fashion Show And Sat Alone In The Front Row

    “I’m currently sitting in the front row, alone, VIP, at the Chanel fashion show.”

    TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio was just invited to her very first fashion show by Chanel, but because of coronavirus safety protocol, the Paris Fashion Week event looked a LITTLE different than usual.

    The fashion show actually went down in the comfort of a beautiful living room, provided courtesy of the West Hollywood Edition hotel.

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    Dixie D'Amelio /

    The space was complete with a dreamy Chanel closet filled with all of Dixie’s wardrobe options for her front row seat to the show.

    Before the show, Dixie got some advice from influencer and designer Camila Coelho, who gave her tips on proper fashion show etiquette as well as a crash course on the French language.

    And of course, what is fashion show prep without a pep talk from your grandma?

    Once Dixie was thoroughly prepared, it was time to tune in to the virtual show on her living room TV!

    While Dixie may not have gotten the full Parisian fashion show experience, I have to say that this must have been a pretty close second.