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    29 Tattoos That Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

    You only live ones.

    1. Firstly, this.

    2. This creative solution to a problem.

    3. And this even better one.

    4. This proof that Elvis isn't dead.

    5. This beautiful unicorn.

    6. Everything about this.

    7. Whatever this is.

    8. This helpful reminder.

    9. "Arnold Schwarzenegger", who is definitely actually Neil Patrick Harris in a vest.

    10. This owl with tits.

    11. This, which is somehow not done in pen.

    12. This veiny arm-dick.

    13. Someone's actual child.

    14. Whatever is going on here.

    15. This truth.

    16. This penis.

    17. And definitely this penis.

    18. This rebellion.

    19. This newly discovered being.

    20. And this poor wolf.

    21. This source of pride.

    22. Nipple-eyed Thom Yorke.

    23. Dave's moving poem.

    24. This true fact.

    25. This relationship goal.

    26. This poignant statement.

    27. Just this.

    28. This.

    29. And 100% absolutely fucking this :(

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